Marcus Rutilius Lupus

Marcus Rutilius Lupus was Prefect of Egypt during the Jewish uprising of 115-117 (the Kitos War). Although Lupus successfully contained the initial revolt in Alexandria, he had to call on the main Imperial forces to quell it, which object was eventually achieved with enormous loss of life and property. He also extend his protection to non-rebellious Jewish residents of Alexandria [1].

During his tenure of office some architectural works had been constructed in the province: a new portico in the Oasis of Thebes was in the same manner (as the temple at Panopolis in Thebaid under the prior prefect Lucius Sulpicius Inscript ) dedicated to Serapis and Isis (Samuel Sharpe : 157) with the following inscription: "For the fortune of the Lord Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajanus, the best, Augustus, Germanicus, Dacicus, under Marcus Rutilius Lupus, praefect of Egypt. To Sarapis and Isis, the most great gods, the inhabitants of Cysis, having decreed the building of the pylon, did it in token of their piety. In the year 19 of the Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajanus, the best, Augustus, Germanicus, Dacicus, the first of Pachon” (from Sir John Gardener Wilkinson book on Egypt, p.370)


Early career

He is also known to have been the Praefectus annonae of Rome at some time between 103 and 111. This post was the second highest position for Roman knights, immediately following in importance the post of Prefect of Egypt.

Role in the brick industry

According to research by Bloch, Stienby and Setälä, Marcus Rutilius Lupus was one of the most important person in the history of the Roman brick industry[citation needed], and is credited with the introduction of consular dating to the urban stamps in year 110 C.E. During the first decade of 100 C.E. he, being a landower and already a brick producer in Rome, started exloring clay deposits near present-day Vatican known as figlinae Brutianae and stamped his product with a wolf rebus, perhaps because of his cognomen Lupus. Production continued there until his death, perhaps around 123 AD. He also acquired other clay-lands, respectively figlinae Naevianae and figlinae Narnienses (Bodel: 23).


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