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The Mahamanav is a comic book supervillain in the Raj Comics. He has superior mutant like abilities and he generally appears in Super Commando Dhruva series.


Fictional origin

Mahamanav represents the next race of humans. His origin is not very clear but it is known that he grew in southern hemisphere and because of longer days and nights and some other factors, his evolution was faster. He quickly grew past homo sapiens and developed many superhuman abilities in course of his evolution. In an unfortunate accident, he got buried deep under ice in Antarctica, where he remained buried in hibernation until some scientists drilling the area around supposedly woke him up. After resurrection, his efforts are solely in the direction of recreating the conditions that would help all humans evolve to his level; even at the cost of life of each and every one on the planet.

Powers and abilities

He has extremely well developed psychic powers. His telepathic and mind control abilities are notably strong. He has been observed to control minds of people across continents but the upper limit of his telepathic powers are unknown. He has even been able to kill another superhuman and supposedly immortal anti-hero Chandakaal by his supreme psychic powers. Only Super Commando Dhruva has been observed to break out of his mind-control once, when Mahamanav was in extreme stress.

In addition to telepathy, he has well-developed telekinesis abilities. He has been observed to control and direct nuclear missiles by his telekinesis powers.

He also has a seemingly unbreakable psychic shield which no one in Raj Comics universe has been observed to break so far. Further, he can use his psychic powers for weather manipulation too. He has been observed to change weather conditions once from extreme hot to extreme cold in a matter of minutes in an attempt to create the ideal conditions for human growth.

More recently he can convert his psychic energy into different energies such as sonic energy, electrical energy etc.

He can also project objects of any shape of his will by his powers similar to Green Lantern.


Since he has grown in the sub zero climate of Antarctica, he has not been able to adapt to heat. If exposed to too much heat, his body automatically goes into hibernation. Super Commando Dhruva was able to use this weakness to beat him once by throwing him into an active volcano. Since Mahamanav generates a force field before his hibernation and the force field remains active while he sleeps, he is unharmed in his sleep.


He first appeared in the comic MAHAMANAV.

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