Toll NZ

Toll NZ

company_name = Toll New Zealand
company_type = Subsidiary of Toll Holdings (Toll Australia)
company_slogan = The total logistics solution
foundation = As a business - 2003
As a public company - 2003
location = Auckland, New Zealand
key_people = David Jackson, CEO
Austen D Perrin, Chairman
industry = Transport in New Zealand
num_employees = 4,545 (2005)
products = Rail and road freight transport, storage and warehousing, sea-freight
revenue = NZ$725.8 million
net_income=NZ$34.7 million ( 2006)
homepage = []

Toll Holdings New Zealand Limited is New Zealand's largest trucking company in terms of annual revenue and sizeFact|date=January 2008. A subsidiary of the Australian company Toll Holdings, it has its headquarters in Auckland. It carries out operations by road and in the air, and formerly by rail and sea.

The company started in 2003 when Toll Holdings purchased an 85% stake in Tranz Rail Holdings. In January 2004, the company was renamed Toll New Zealand, with a new board.

For the fiscal year ending November 2005, Toll NZ reported a net income of NZ$41.4 million on NZ$678 million of sales revenue. It has a market capitalization of around NZ$600 million.

In May 2008 the New Zealand Government agreed to the sale of Toll NZ Ltd (less its trucking and distribution operations) for $665 million [citeweb|url=|title=Rail buy back marks new sustainable transport era|date=5 May 2008|accessdate=2008-05-05] . Minister of Finance Michael Cullen had previously refused to confirm these rumors of a buy back in December 2007.cite web
title=Cullen plays it cool on railways rethink|publisher=New Zealand Herald
author=John Drinnan|date=5 December 2007|accessdate=2007-12-06
] . The sale was completed in July 2008, with Toll NZ Ltd being renamed KiwiRail Holdings Ltd.

Toll NZ was twice nominated for the Roger Award for worst transnational corporation in New Zealand. (Tranz Rail, which Toll took over, won the award three times.)


* 2003: Toll Holdings purchases Tranz Rail Holdings.
* 2003: Toll NZ sells its shareholding in TasRail to Toll Holdings subsidiary Pacific National.
* 2003: Toll NZ purchases New Zealand transport company JD Lyons for an undisclosed amount.
* 2004: Toll NZ begins negotiating access fees with New Zealand Railways Corporation ( now ONTRACK).
* 2005: Toll NZ reports a profit of NZ$41.5 million, an increase of 31% .
* 2005: Freight volumes on rail in New Zealand surpass those of the 1980s.
* 2006: Toll NZ, ONTRACK and the New Zealand Police introduce a safety-programme aimed at reducing deaths at railway level-crossings.
* 2006: Toll Holdings purchases Patrick Corporation, making it the fourth-largest transport company in the world, behind FedEx and UPS).
* 2007: Toll Holdings purchases the remaining stock of Toll NZ.
* 2008: The New Zealand Government buys Toll NZ Ltd (less its trucking and distribution operations) from Toll Holdings for $665 million, renaming the company KiwiRail Holdings Ltd.
* 2008: Toll Holdings buys New Zealand trucking firm United Carriers

Toll Tranz Link

Toll Tranz Link, New Zealand's largest trucking company, has its headquarters in Onehunga, Auckland. It operates a fleet of over 400 vehicles and 1,000 trailer units across both the North Island and South Islands. Major competitors include Mainfreight and Linfox.

Toll sold its refrigerated operation, Tranz Link Refrigerated, to Hall's Refrigerated Transport in December 2005 [ [ Scoop] ] .Toll Tranz Link works closely with other operators to share fleets; owner-drivers provide most of its trucks.

Toll Priority

In 2004 Toll NZ launched a courier-mail service, "Toll Priority". Media-sources stated that this initially aimed to provide distribution services for Toll Global Fowarding (formally Toll International).

Corporate governance


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Toll New Zealand

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Now KiwiRail suppliers, previously Toll NZ suppliers

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Articles about Toll NZ

* [ Police lay charges on Toll NZ] , "Wairarapa Times-Age", January 26, 2006.

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