Cannone da 90/53

The Cannone da 90/53 was an Italian anti-aircraft gun used during World War II, both in the anti-aircraft role and an anti tank gun. (The designation meant that the gun had a 90 mm caliber and that the barrel was 53 caliber-lengths long).


The Cannone da 90/53 was designed by Ansaldo and the first examples were produced in 1939.

The original plan was for the gun to be manufactured in three variants:

* the modello 41P was for static emplacement; 1087 were ordered
* the modello 41C was to be towed; 660 were ordered
* 57 were ordered to be mounted on heavy trucks designated autocannoni da 90/53

However Italian industry was not up to producing these quantities and by July 1943 only 539 guns had been delivered.

After Italy surrendered, guns captured by Germany were designated 9-cm Flak 41(i) or 9-cm Flak 309/1(i); some of these guns were used for the air defence of Germany and others were kept in Italy.


*Caliber: 90 mm
*Length of barrel: 4.736 m
*Firing weight: travelling 8950 kg, firing 6240 kg
*Maximum effective ceiling: 12000 m
*Elevation: –0º to +85º
*Traverse: 360º
*Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s
*Rate of fire:20rpm
*Shell weight: 10.33 kg
*Users: Italy, Germany

See also

* Semovente 90/53, a tank destroyer employing the Cannone da 90/53
* Italian Army equipment in World War II
* the Cannone da 75/46 C.A. modello 34 was another contemporary Italian anti-aircraft gun
* the German 88 mm gun was a comparable weapon


* "Artillery" by Chris Chant, published by Amber Books, ISBN 1-84509-248-1

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