Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

The Unregistered Baptist Fellowship (UBF) is an unincorporated fellowship of Baptist pastors, evangelists, missionaries and laymen, dedicated to personal and ecclesiastical separation. It is loosely affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, though its views may be considered "extreme" by many IFBers. UBF must not be mistaken with the University Bible Fellowship that uses the same abbreviation.

UBF stresses its adherence to the fundamentals of the faith and historic Baptist doctrines, and holds to the King James Only view of Scripture.

A chief emphasis of UBF is on religious liberty and church/state issues. The "unregistered" in its title reflects its view that the IRS has no legal or Biblical role in monitoring the affairs of churches. Thus, in its view churches should not "register" with the IRS as a means of gaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; in their opinion, a church that does so has "compromised with the world".

UBF has no officers, mission board nor headquarters, and owns no property, but maintains a mailing address in Indianapolis, Indiana. UBF encourages state and regional meetings, and in addition holds an annual meeting (usually in Indianapolis). Each meeting is directed under the authority of the host church, with the host pastor serving as moderator, and having the responsibility for inviting speakers. UBF's quarterly newsletter, "The Trumpet", is published by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, which serves as its unofficial "host church".

Prominent pastors in the Fellowship include Greg J. Dixon (former pastor of IBT, which had a major battle with the IRS in the 1990s), Greg A. Dixon (current pastor of IBT, and son of Greg J. Dixon) and W. N. Otwell (an East Texas minister locally known for his battles with local governments).

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* [http://unregisteredbaptistfellowship.com/index.php Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Official Web Site]
* [http://indianapolisbaptisttemple.com/ Indianapolis Baptist Temple Web Site]

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