List of scientific journals in earth and atmospheric sciences

This list presents representative scientific journals in earth and atmospheric sciences and its various subfields.


* "Eos" (American Geophysical Union; ISSN|0096-3941)
* "Geophysical Research Letters" (American Geophysical Union; ISSN|0094-8276)
* "Nature Geoscience"

Earth Science

* "American Journal of Science"
* "Canadian Journal of Earth Science" ( [] journal home)
* "Earth and Planetary Science Letters"
* "Earth in Space"
* "Earth Interactions" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|1087-3562)
* "Earth-Science Reviews"
* "Global Environmental Change"
* "International Journal of Remote Sensing"
* "Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften (Journal for the Geological Sciences)"


* "Advances in Water Resources"
* "Journal of Hydrology"
* "Water Resources Research"

Geochemistry and Mineralogy

* "American Mineralogist"
* "Applied Geochemistry"
* "Canadian Mineralogist"
* "Chemical Geology"
* "Clays and Clay Minerals"
* "Geochemical Transactions"
* "Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta"
* "Geomicrobiology Journal"
* "Mineralogical Magazine"
* "Organic Geochemistry"
* "Physics and Chemistry of Minerals"
* "Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry"


* "Bulletin of Volcanology (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior)
* "Canadian Mineralogist"
* "Geodinamica Acta"
* "Geofluids"
* "Geological Journal" ( [] journal home) (John Wiley & Sons, ISSN|)
* "Geology" ( [ journal archive] ) (Geological Society of America, ISSN|0091-7613)
* "Geomorphology"
* "Holocene"
* "International Journal of Speleology" (Società Speleologica Italiana)
* "Journal of Geology"
* "Journal of Metamorphic Geology"
* "Journal of Sedimentary Research"
* "Journal of Structural Geology"
* "Journal of the Geological Society" ( [ journal home] ) (Geological Society of London)
* "Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research"
* "Lithos"
* "Northeastern Geology"
* "Oil and Gas Journal"
* "Palaios"
* "Sedimentary Geology"
* "Sedimentary Petrolology"
* "Sedimentology"


* "Atmosphere-Ocean"
* "Deep-Sea Research Part I"
* "Deep-Sea Research Part II"
* "Journal of Physical Oceanography" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0022-3670)
* "Limnology & Oceanography"
* " Marine Chemistry"
* "Marine Geology
* "Netherlands Journal of Sea Research"
* "Oceanography & Marine Biology"
* "Paleoceanography "
* "Progress in Oceanography"
* "Reviews in Aquatic Sciences"


* "Episodes" (International Union of Geological Sciences, ISSN|)
* "Geophysics" ( [] journal home) (Society of Exploration Geophysicists, ISSN|)ISSN|0392-6672)
* "Journal of Earth System Science" ( [ Journal home page] )
* "Journal of Geophysical Research" (American Geophysical Union, ISSN|0148-0227)
* "Journal of Geophysical Research- Planets"
* "Journal of Geophysical Research- Solid Earth"
* "Reviews of Geophysics"
* "Journal of Glaciology" (International Glaciological Society, ISSN|0022-1430)
* "Annals of Glaciology" (International Glaciological Society, ISSN|0260-3055)

Atmospheric Science

* "Aerobiologica"
* "Agricultural and Forest Meteorology"
* "Atmosphere-Ocean"
* "Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics"
* "Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics" ( [] journal home) (European Geosciences Union, ISSN|1680-7324)
* "Atmospheric Environment"
* "Atmospheric Research" (Elsevier, ISSN|0169-8095)
* "Atmospheric Science Letters" (Royal Meteorological Society, ISSN|)
* "Boundary-Layer Meteorology"
* "Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0003-0007)
* "Climate Dynamics"
* "Climatic Change"
* "Contributions to Atmospheric Physics"
* "Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology" ( [] journal home)
* "Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology" ( [] journal home) (ISSN|1559-5404)
* "International Journal of Biometeorology" ( [] journal home) (International Society of Biometeorology; ISSN|0020-7128)
* "International Journal of Climatology" Royal Meteorological Society)
* "Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0894-8763)
* "Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0739-0572)
* "Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-terrestrial Physics"
* "Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry"
* "Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology"
* "Journal of Climate" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0894-8755)
* "Journal of Geophysical Research- Atmospheres"
* "Journal of Hydrometeorology" (American Meteorological Society, ISSN|1525-755X)
* "Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0022-4928)
* "Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan" (Meteorological Society of Japan; ISSN|)
* "Journal of Meteorology"
* "Journal of Paleoclimatology"
* "Meteorological Applications" (Royal Meteorological Society, ISSN|1350-4827)
* "Meteorological Monographs" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0065-9401)
* "Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics"
* "Monthly Weather Review" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0027-0644)
* "Progress in Biometeorology"
* "Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society" (Royal Meteorological Society; ISSN|0035-9009)
* "National Weather Digest" (National Weather Association; ((ISSN|
* ""
* ""
* "Weather and Forecasting" (American Meteorological Society; ISSN|0882-8156)
* "Weather" (Royal Meteorological Society; ISSN|0043-1656)

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