Jughead (search engine)

Jughead is a search engine system for the Gopher protocol. It is distinct from Veronica in that it searches a single server at a time.

Jughead is officially an acronym for "Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display", though it was originally chosen to match that of the FTP search service known as ArchieJughead Jones being the name of another character from the Archie Comics.

Jughead was developed by Rhett Jones in 1993 and the University of Utah.

It was released by the original author under the GPL license in 2006, and its source code has been modernized to better run on current POSIX systems.

Due to trademark issues, the modified version was called Jugtail, and has been made available for download on GNU Savannah (see external links).


Jughead is meant to index servers quickly so it builds its database in memory. When Jughead uses all of the available memory, it becomes unacceptably slow, limiting the size the servers it can index. Veronica does not have this problem.

ee also

* Veronica - an alternative Gopher search system.

External links

* [http://hal3000.cx:70/Software/Unix/jughead Jughead Source]
* [http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/jugtail Jugtail Project]

Running Jughead Servers

* [gopher://hal3000.cx:3000/7 Hal3000 Multi Gopher Search]
* [gopher://gopher.sm5sxl.net:3000/7 sm5sxl.net Search]

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