Pancha Tattva (Vaishnavism)

Pancha Tattva is a Sanskrit term, wherein 'Pancha' means 'five' and 'tattva' means 'truth' or 'reality'. According to Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, it refers specifically to the Five aspects of God or Absolute Truth.


In Gaudiya-Vaishnavism these five features of God (Krishna) are believed to have incarnated on Earth as five people in the late 1400s. Namely Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acharya, Gadadhara Pandita, and Srivasa Thakura. They famously spread the Hare Krishna mantra, and the practice of devotion to Krishna throughout India.

The Five Features

* Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is said to be Krishna (God) Himself, The Supreme Person.
* Nityananda is Krishna's first personal expansion.
* Advaita Acharya is a combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva (Harihara).
* Gadadhara is an incarnation of Krishna's internal energy.
* Srivasa is Krishna's pure devotee.

"I bow down to Lord Krishna, who appears as a devotee (Lord Chaitanya), as His personal expansion (Sri Nityananda), His incarnation (Sri Advaita), His devotee (Sri Srivasa), and His energy (Sri Gadadhara), and who is the source of strength for the devotees." (Chaitanya Charitamrita [ Adi 1.14] )

The idea of this concept is somewhat similar to the idea of Christian trinity - God expands into personalities with identical or different powers.

Pancha Tattva mantra

Within the Gaudiya tradition a mantra formed from the names of the five members of the Pancha Tattva is often spoken or sung as a means of devotional worship or meditation (japa). Often this mantra is sung or chanted prior to the Hare Krishna mantra. It is believed, by followers, to be the most merciful mantra available in this age of Kali.

::jaya shri-krishna-chaitanya, prabhu-nityananda,::shri-advaita gadadhara, srivasadi gaura-bhakta-vrinda [ [ Pancha Tattva mantra] ]

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*Rosen, Steven J. "Sri Pancha Tattva: The Five Features of God" 1994 ISBN 0-9619763-7-3 Folk Books, New York

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