List of companies of Greece

List of companies of Greece

This is a list of wholly or partially Greek-owned companies operating in and outside of Greece or foreign-owned companies in Greece employing Greeks. NOTE: S.A. (Greek: Α.Ε. "A.E") is used as a term for being Incorporated, as in Inc.

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Current companies



* Acropole Hotel - oldest hotel in Khartoum, Sudan owned by the Pagoulatos family
* Acropolis Rally — Automotive
* Aegean Airlines (Αεροπορία Αιγαίου Α.Ε.) - Greek airline
* Aeolian Investment Fund S.A. - capital markets/investments
* Alpha Bank - 2nd. largest bank in Greece, named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet
* Aluminum of Greece - Part of Mytilineos Holdings
* ANEK Lines - ferry service to Crete and other Greek ports, and to Italy
* ANT1 (Αντέννα Τηλεόραση Α.Ε.) - largest television network in Greece
* ANT1 Group - largest Greek media company in the world
* Apogevmatini - Greek newspaper
* Aspis Bank - Banking & finance.
* Attica Group - Greek Ship owners.
* Attiki Odos S.A. (Αττική Οδός Α.Ε.) -supervises Athens' ringroad
* Attiko Metro S.A. (Αττικό Μετρό Α.Ε.) [Greater Athens Subway Systems S.A.) - Athens Subway


* Bank of Attica
* Bank of Greece - Greek central bank
* Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises
* Chropei
* Compupress - Magazine & Book Publishing Company
* Cosmote - mobile telephony operator
* Cytech - Cytech Ltd, SMS Marketing, Mobile & Proximity Marketing services.
* Danaos Corporation: marine/shipping industry
* Delta Holdings (Γαλακτοκομικά Δέλτα Α.Ε.) - Named after the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; renamed Vivartia; dairy products,
* Delta Projects S.A.: heavy machinery
* Dodoni Ice Cream S.A. — (Παγωτά Δωδώνη ΑΒΕΕ)
* Domenico


* EAS - Hellenic Defence Systems
* EFG Eurobank-Ergasias - Part of Spiro Latsis group of companies.
* EFront - e-learning platform
* Ekdoseis Georgiadi
* Eleftheros Typos - Greek newspaper
* Eleftherotypia - Greek newspaper
* Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) - Greek Public Broadcasting Corporation
* Elvo - Vehicle industry - part of Mytilineos Holdings
* Emporiki Bank (Εμπορική Τράπεζα "Emporiki Trapeza") - Banking and Finance; a unit of Crédit Agricole
* [ Epipla Kerkyra] - Furniture and Woodworking in Corfu.
* Ergon - Construction.
* Euroseas - controlled by Aristides Pittas and the Pittas Family
* Evga S.A. (ΕΒΓΑ) - dairy company
* Fage (Φάγε) - Dairy company
* Folli Follie jewellery, watches accessories.
* Geniki Bank (General Bank of Greece)
* Goody's - Fast-food chain


* Hellenic Aerospace Industry — aerospace
* Hellenic Petroleum — largest oil refining company in Greece.
* Hellenic Shipyards — shipyards
* Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (OTE) — telecommunications
* Information Systems Impact SA (Information Systems Impact SA) - ebusiness technology provider
* Intracom (Ίντρακoμ) - multinational technology group
* Intralot - Betting technologies
* Jumbo S.A. - Greece's largest toy retailer
* Kathimerini - Greek newspaper
* Kioleides
* Kotsovolos - electrical goods retailer.
* Lavipharm - Health Care, pharmaceuticals.
* Louis Hellenic Cruises
* [ Chania Hotel] - City hotel in Chania, on Crete, in Greece.


* Makedonia -(newspaper)
* Mani Imports - Greek importing company - USA
* Marfin Financial Group
* Maritime Company of Lesvos
* Mega Channel — media
* Mevgal (ΜΕΒΓΑΛ)- dairy products
* Minoan Lines — ferry service
* Misko
* Musicorama - Imports Greek musicians and culture - NL
* Mytilineos Holdings
** Aluminum of Greece, ELBO, Metka


* Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
* National Bank of Greece - Banking & finance
* Nel Lines - owned by Maritime Company of Lesvos
* Neorion — Shipyards
* Olympic Airlines — the Greek national airline


* Pelargos (Πέλαργος) — tomato sauce
* Piraeus Bank (ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ) — banking/financial industry.
* Pitsos (Πίτσος) — appliances
* Pouliadis Associates Corporation
* Proton Bank
* Q-Telecom - Mobile telephony operator
* [ SEO] - SEO Company


* Saracakis - Automotive
* Sfakianakis - Automotive
* Star Channel - Television network
* Superfast Ferries
* Ta Nea -daily newspaper
* Temax - Firefighting vehicles
* TeamStrut
* To Vima - Media
* Track7 - videogames
* Viamar
* Viki - Meat Packaging
* Viohalco (ΒΙΟΧΑΛΚΟ) - Heavy Industries
* Vivartia - Food industry.
* Vodafone Greece


* Ypsilon S.A. — Agrochemicals, Seeds, Fertilizers
* Zenon S.A. — Industrial Goods & Services. Glyka Nera, Greece
* Zagori (Ζαγόρι) — Bottled spring water. Ioania, Greece

Former Companies (Defunct, Acquired and Merged)

* Bank of Athens - Acquired by EFG Eurobank Ergasias.
* Bank of Crete (Trapeza Kritis)
* Biamax - Vehicles
* Chropei
* Greek Steamship Company

See also

* List of companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange
* List of Power Companies in Greece
* Greece

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