Nimrin is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic نمرين
District Tiberias
Coordinates 32°48′15.13″N 35°25′24.44″E / 32.8042028°N 35.4234556°E / 32.8042028; 35.4234556Coordinates: 32°48′15.13″N 35°25′24.44″E / 32.8042028°N 35.4234556°E / 32.8042028; 35.4234556
Population 320 (1945)
Area 12,019 dunums

12.0 km²

Date of depopulation 16-17 July, 1948[1]
Cause(s) of depopulation Fear of being caught up in the fighting
Secondary cause Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Achuzzat Naftali, IDF ammunition depot

Nimrin was a Palestinian Arab town of 320 that was captured and depopulated by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.



Nimrin stood on the site of Kfar Nimra when Palestine was ruled by the Roman Empire.[2] Its inhabitants were Jews when Saint Peter and Saint James visited the town in 30 CE.[3]

Nimrin was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century CE, and by 1596 the village was had a population of 110 under the administration of the nahiya ("subdistrict") of Tiberias, part of Sanjak Safad. It paid taxes on wheat barley, wheat, olives, beehives, and goats.[4] In the nineteenth century, Nimrin grew to become a stone-built village of 250 Muslim people. It was described as being built on the slope of a hill, surrounded by arable land.[5] The Ottomans founded an elementary school in the village.[2]

In 1922, Nimrin became a part of the British Mandate of Palestine and its entire population of 316 in 1931 was Muslim. The main economic sectors were farming and livestock, with grain being the most important crop, followed by vegetables. The Ottoman school was closed down.[2]

1948 war, and aftermath

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Nimrin fell into Israeli hands on July 17, 1948 after nearby Lubya was captured at the end of Operation Dekel. Its entire population of 320 (1945) fled for unclear reasons. According to Walid Khalidi, "the site and a major part of the lands are surrounded by a fence."[2]

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