HMS Powerful

Four ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS "Powerful".

*HMS "Powerful" was a 74 gun ship of the line, launched in 1783, and broken up in 1812.
*HMS|Powerful|1826|6 was an 84 gun ship of the line launched in 1826. She was broken up between 1860 and 1864. The obituary of Henry K. Walton, 17 years, states he signed on to HMS "Powerful" on 20th January 1855 as a Clop Boy. He served in the Crimea, Indian Mutiny and China Seas. Michael Phillips, an authority, has written that "this was the second ship named "Powerful", and it was commissioned by Capt. Thomas Massie on the 12th Sept. 1854 for service in the North American West Indies Station. By 1858 she was back in Chatham where she remained until being disposed of as a gunnery target from 1860.
*HMS "Powerful" was a "Powerful" class cruiser launched in 1895, saw service in the Second Boer War with sister ship "Terrible.
*HMS "Powerful" was a "Majestic" class aircraft carrier built at the end of World War II and sold to Canada in 1952 where she was renamed HMCS "Bonaventure"

There was also "Powerful II", formerly HMS "Andromeda", and "Powerful III", formerly HMS "Caroline".

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