List of newspapers in Slovenia

This article is a list of newspapers published in Slovenia or in Slovene language.




  • 7dni
  • Demokracija, right wing political weekly
  • Dolenjski list, regional (Lower Carniola)
  • Družina, Roman Catholic
  • Hopla
  • Jana, women's
  • Kmečki glas, agricultural
  • Lady, tabloid
  • Lea
  • Lisa, tabloid
  • Mag, news, politics, investigative journalism
  • Mladina, news, politics, investigative journalism, culture
  • Nedeljski dnevnik
  • Nedelo, Sunday edition of Delo
  • Nova, tabloid
  • Obrazi
  • Reporter, news, politics, investigative journalism
  • Stop
  • Story, tabloid
  • Svet in ljudje, travel magazine
  • Vestnik Murska Sobota, regional (Pomurje)


  • Anja
  • Avto magazin
  • Bravo
  • Računalniške novice


  • Ampak, liberal conservative cultural and intellectual journal, published by Nova revija, est. 1999
  • Avto Fokus, cars
  • Avto šport, cars
  • Ciciban, children's
  • Cicido, children's
  • Cool, teenager's
  • Cosmopolitan, women's
  • Dober tek, cuisine
  • Elle, women's
  • Eva, women's
  • FHM, men's
  • Gaia
  • Gea
  • Joker, computers and IT
  • Joy
  • Kmetovalec, agricultural
  • L&Z, beauty and health
  • Le monde diplomatique, Slovene edition of the French publication
  • Lepa in zdrava, beauty and health
  • Literatura, Literature
  • Lovec, hunting
  • Mama, parenting
  • Manager, business
  • Maxim, men's
  • Men's Health, men's
  • Modna, fashion
  • Moj lepi vrt, gardening
  • Moj malček, parenting
  • Moj malo svet
  • Moj mikro
  • Moje finance, personal finances
  • Moje Stanovanje, home
  • Monitor, computers
  • Motorevija, motorist magazine
  • Motorist, motorcycle
  • Naša žena, women's and family
  • National Geographic, Slovene edition of the American publication
  • National Geographic Junior
  • Nova revija, cultural and literary journal
  • Obramba, defense
  • Obrtnik, craft
  • Ognjišče, religious
  • Otrok in družina, parenting
  • PC format (magazine), computers and IT
  • PIL
  • Playboy, Slovene edition of the American publication
  • Plus
  • Podjetnik, entrepreneurial
  • Pri nas doma
  • Radar
  • Readers Digest, Slovene edition of the American publication
  • Revija o konjih, horses
  • Ribič, fishing
  • Rože in vrt, gardening
  • Sistem
  • Smrklja, teenager's
  • Sodobnost, cultural and literary review, established in 1933
  • Svet in ljudje, travel
  • Swpower, computers and IT
  • Val Navtika, yachting
  • Viva
  • Vzajemnost
  • Zdravje, health
  • Življenje in tehnika, science


  • Problemi, journal published by the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana
  • Revija 2000, Christian left journal
  • Študjozo, magazine of students from Nova Gorica, published twice a year
  • Tretji dan, intellectual journal of the Roman catholic youth


  • Časopis Porabje, newspaper of Hungarian Slovenes
  • Nedelja, roman-catholic newspaper of Roman Catholic Diocese of Gurk in Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Novi glas, Slovene weekly in Trieste, Italy
  • Novi Matajur, Slovene weekly, published in Cividale, Italy, for the Slovenes in the Province of Udine
  • Pastirček, children's monthly issued in Trieste, Italy
  • Primorski dnevnik, Slovene daily in Trieste, Italy
  • Glasilo kanadskih Slovencev, newspaper of Canadian Slovenes
  • Soča/Isonzo, bi-lingual Slovene-Italian monthly magazine, published in Gorizia, Italy
  • Svobodna Slovenija (newspaper), weekly newspaper of the Argenitine Slovenes

In foreign languages

  • Népújság, Hungarian minority weekly
  • The Slovenia Times, English language monthly


  • Dom in svet, 1888-1944, literary monthly
  • Dejanje, 1938-1941, Christian left journal
  • Edinost, 1876-1928, Slovene daily in Trieste
  • Glas naroda
  • Goriška straža, 1918-1928, newspaper for the Slovenes of Goriška under Italian administration
  • Illyrisches Blatt, 1819-1849, Slovene and German intellectual, France Prešeren's The Wreath of Sonnets was first published in it
  • Jutro, 1920-1945, leading interwar liberal newspaper
  • Kmetijske in rokodelske novice,1843-1902 conservative, started as an agricultural and craftmen's publication but became a political and literary newspaper
  • Korošec, 1907-1911, weekly newspaper of Carinthian Slovenes
  • Koroški Slovenec, 1920-1938, main newspaper of the Carinthian Slovenes in the First Austrian Republic
  • Krajnska čbelica, 1830-1848, literary almanach
  • Križ na gori (later Križ), 1924-1930, Christian left magazine
  • Laibacher Zeitung, 1787-1918, main German language newspaper of Ljubljana
  • Ljubljanski zvon, 1881-1941, literary
  • Lublanske novice, 1797-1800, general newspaper, its editor was Valentin Vodnik
  • Partizanski dnevnik, from the 17th of September 1944 until the end of the Second World War, the only daily newspaper published by a resistance group in occupied Europe
  • Prosveta, published in USA
  • Slovenec, 1873-1945, Catholic political
  • Slovenski glasnik, 1858-1869, cultural magazine, published in Klagenfurt
  • Slovenski narod, 1868-1943, leading Slovene liberal newspaper
  • Slovenski pravnik, 1881-1940, legal herald
  • Soča, 1871-1915, Slovene newspaper published in Gorizia, also published illegally in fascist Italy in 1927
  • Straža v viharju, 1934-1941, journal of the Slovene Integralist Catholic youth
  • Zaliv, 1966-1990, Slovene cultural and intellectual review, published in Trieste, Italy

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