American Game (chicken)

American Game (chicken)

The American Game or American Game Bantam is a game breed of bantam chicken originating in the United States. Its colors include Black breasted Reds, Greys or Duckwings, Brown Reds, Black, White, Blue and many other colours. At least 27 Primary colors. American Game should not be confused with Old English Game, another cockfighting variety.


American Game Bantams have been shown in America since 1938 when the first varieties were bred and perfected by Mr. Frank L. Gary, Jr., of Crosswicks, N.J. Mr. Gary (1897-1985) was a long-time bantam poultry exhibitor and judge as well as past president of the American Bantam Association.

American Games are the result of the combination of English and Irish bloodlines combined with Mexican, French, Spanish and Latin American bloodlines. The resultant families of fowl are extremely disease resistant, intelligent, hardy and completely able to survive and reproduce in the wild. Many feral American Game flocks are established and survive in Florida, South Carolina and California.

American Games in poultry shows

In the past, game fowl were primarily used for sport purposes. Recent changes in the political atmosphere have brought admirers of this unique poultry strain to follow the footsteps of European counterparts and display their fowl in the show ring. Game fowl are now shown and considered top competitors in poultry shows across the United States and Europe. There is even an [ on-line game fowl monthly photo contest] for showing gamefowl. The fowl are judged using the American Game Fowl Standards - "AGFS".

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* Anthony Saville "American Game Fowl Standards" Belton, SC : Saville Publications, 2006 (ISBN 978-0977293902)

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