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Kala Health, Inc is an international nutraceutical company founded in 1997 jointly by cousins Dr. Ronald Klein Breteler in the US and Paul Klein Breteler in The Netherlands.

US Branch

Kala Health Inc. is a privately held Massachusetts corporation founded by its current president, Dr. Ronald Breteler. Kala Health Inc. includes an Idaho wholesale branch (formerly Golden Crown Corporation), and provides its product and ingredient sales to costumers in the United States and Canada.


International product and ingredient sales take place through KALA Health International BV. KALA International is a European distribution company located in The Hague, The Netherlands, and jointly owned by KALA Health, Inc. and KALA Health bv, the Dutch sister organization. The companies have grown to include sales offices and distribution centers in the US, Trinidad, The Netherlands, Latvia, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore. In Singapore, 40% of all pet supplements are from Kala Health. [1]


Kala provides finished supplement products, bulk supplements, and a select number of raw materials, including chondroitin, cetyl myristoleate, Methylsulfonylmethane (OptiMSM), and CoEnzyme Q10. It also carries an extensive line of successful pet products based on many of the same ingredients.


# Verbal Communication; Ohchye Fang, President Wildlife and Veterinary supplies ltd., Singapore

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* [http://www.kalahealth.com Kala Health website]

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