Temporal range: Mid Jurassic-Recent, 165–0 Ma
A cat (Felis catus) with her kittens
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Theria
Parker & Haswell, 1897 [1]

Theria (play /ˈθɪəriə/; Greek: θηρίον, wild beast) is a subclass of mammals[2] that give birth to live young without using a shelled egg, including both eutherians (placental mammals) and metatherians (marsupials and their ancestors). The only omitted extant mammal group is the egg-laying monotremes.

Kangaroo, a marsupial, with her joey


The rank of 'Theria' may vary depending on the classification system used. The textbook classification system by Vaughan et al. (2000)[3] gives the following:

Class Mammalia

  • Subclass Theria: live-bearing mammals

In the above system Theria is a subclass. Alternatively, in the system proposed by McKenna and Bell (1997)[4] it is ranked as a supercohort under the subclass Theriiformes:

Class Mammalia

  • Subclass Theriiformes: live-bearing mammals and their prehistoric relatives
    • Infraclass Holotheria: modern live-bearing mammals and their prehistoric relatives
      • Legion Cladotheria
        • Sublegion Zatheria
          • Infralegion Tribosphenida
            • Supercohort Theria: therian mammals
              • Cohort Marsupialia: marsupials
              • Cohort Placentalia: placentals

Another classification proposed by Luo et al. (2002)[5] does not assign any rank to the taxonomic levels, but uses a purely cladistic system instead.


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