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latin_name = "Universitas Rheno-Traiectina" or "Universitas Ultraiectina"
motto = Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos ("Sun of Justice, shine upon us")
established = 1636
type = Public, general
rector = Hans Stoof
city = Utrecht
country = The Netherlands
students = 26,787
faculty = 8,224
website = [http://www.uu.nl www.uu.nl]

Utrecht University ("Universiteit Utrecht" in Dutch) is a university in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. It is rated as the ninth best university in Europe [cite web |url=http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2007/ARWU2007_TopEuro.htm|title=Top 100 European Universities|accessdate=2008-03-26|date= |work=Academic Ranking of World Universities|publisher=Institute of Higher Education - Shanghai Jiao Tong University] in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Established March 26, 1636, it had an enrollment of 26,787 students in 2004, and employed 8,224 faculty and staff, 570 of which are full professors. In 2004, 358 Ph.D. degrees were awarded and 7,010 scientific articles were published. The 2004 budget of the university was €653 million.

The university's motto is "Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos", which means "Sun of Justice, shine upon us".

Utrecht University is led by the University Board, consisting of Yvonne van Rooy (president), prof.dr. Hans Stoof (rector magnificus) and Hans Amman.

The university consists of seven faculties:
* Faculty of Humanities
** Department of Arts & Languages
** Department of Theology
** Department of Philosophy
* Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
* Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
* Faculty of Geosciences
** Department of Earth Sciences
** Department of Physical Geography
** Department of Environmental Sciences and Innovation Studies
** Department of Human Geography and Urban Planning
* Faculty of Medicine
* Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
* Faculty of Science
** Department of Biology
** Department of Chemistry
** Department of Information and Computing Sciences
** Department of Mathematics
** Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
** Department of Physics and AstronomyThere are three interfaculty units:
* University College / Roosevelt Academy
* Ethics Institute
* IVLOS Institute of Education

The two large faculties of Humanities and Law are situated in the inner city of Utrecht. The other five faculties, as well as most of the administrative services, are located in De Uithof, a campus area in the outskirts of the city. University College is situated in the former Kromhout Kazerne, which used to be a Dutch military base.

Notable alumni and faculty

Utrecht University counts a number of distinguished scholars among its alumni and faculty, including several Nobel Prize laureates:

* C.H.D. Buys Ballot (meteorologist)
* Clarence Barlow (composer)
* Nicolaas Bloembergen (physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Arend-Jan Boekestein (Historian, Politician)
* Els Borst (former Dutch minister of Health)
* James Boswell (author, lawyer)
* Pieter Burmann the Younger (philologist)
* Michael Clyne (linguist)
* David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes, (author, lawyer)
* Peter Debye (physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* René Descartes (philosopher, mathematician)
* Frans de Waal (zoologist and ethologist)
* Christiaan Eijkman (physician, pathologist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Willem Einthoven (physician, physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Johann Georg Graevius (scholar)
* Louis Grondijs (Byzantologist, war correspondent)
* Gerardus 't Hooft (physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* J. H. van 't Hoff (chemist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Jacobus Kapteyn (astronomer)
* Tjalling Charles Koopmans (mathematician, physicist, economist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Aristid Lindenmayer (biologist)
* Jack van Lint (mathematician)
* Rudolf Magnus (pharmacologist and physiologist)
* Marcel Minnaert (astronomer)
* Heiko Oberman (historian)
* Mark Overmars (Computer Scientist)
* Abraham Pais (physicist, science historian)
* Ben de Pater (Leading cultural geographer)
* Perizonius (scholar)
* Wilhelm Röntgen (physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Lavoslav Ruzicka (chemist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (physician, scientist)
* Jan Hendrik Scholten (theologian)
* Boudewijn Sirks (Roman law specialist)
* Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (statesman)
* Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate (poet)
* Jan Terlouw (politician, novelist)
* Martinus J.G. Veltman (physicist, Nobel Prize laureate)
* Hugh Williamson (politician)
* J. Slauerhoff (poet, novelist) worked as an assistant at the University's clinic for Dermatology and Venereal Diseases from 1929-1930.

See also

* Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU - Hogeschool Utrecht)
* Utrecht School of the Arts ( [http://www.hku.nl/ HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht] )
* University College Utrecht ( [http://www.ucu.uu.nl/ UCU] ) International Honors College of Utrecht University
* Roosevelt Academy ( [http://www.roac.nl/ RA] ) International Honors College of Utrecht University located in Middelburg, Zeeland
* Utrecht Summer School ( [http://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/ USS] ) The official Utrecht University Summer School
* Utrecht Network


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* [http://www.uu.nl/ Utrecht University WWW page]

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