Up is a relative direction, the opposite of "down".

Up may also refer to:
*A railroad direction in the United Kingdom and China
*At bat, in baseball, when a player is facing the pitcher
*Experiencing the effects of psychoactive drugs
*On-line, in computing, the state of being available for use and functioning normally
*"Up" (1984 film), a short film
*"Up" (2009 film), an upcoming update after|2009|05|29 film by Pixar Animation Studios
*"Up!" (film), a 1976 soft core sex comedy
*Up quark, a particle described by the Standard Model theory of physics
*The Volkswagen up! concept car


*"Up!" (album) by Shania Twain
**"Up!" (song) from the above album
*"Up" (Great Big Sea album)
*"Up" (Peter Gabriel album)
*"Up" (R.E.M. album)
*"Up" (Right Said Fred album)
* "Up", a song by Rob Crow from his album "Living Well"
* "Up" (The Saturdays song)



*IATA airline designator for Bahamasair
*Union Pacific Railroad, a US railroad network
*United Press International, a press agency

cience and technology

*Unified Process, an iterative software development process
*μp, an abbreviation for microprocessor (where the "u" is actually "μ", the lowercase Greek letter "mu", meaning "micro-")
*UP (complexity), Unambiguous Non-deterministic Polynomial-time


*Unified Process, a popular software development process framework


*Patriotic Union, a political party of Colombia
*Unia Pracy (Labor Union), a political party of Poland
*Unidad Popular, political coalition of left wing parties in Chile between 1970-1973
*United Party, the name of political parties in several countries
*Unity Party, the name of political parties in several countries


*Universidad Panamericana, in Mexico
*Universidade Pedagógica, in Mozambique
*University of Patras, in Greece
*University of Pennsylvania, in the United States
*University of Phoenix, in the United States
*University of Portland, in Oregon, United States
*University of Porto, in Portugal
*University of Potsdam, in Germany
*University of Pretoria, in South Africa
*University of the Philippines
*Univerzita Palackého, in the Czech Republic
*University Press, at many universities


*Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the United States
*Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state

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