It Takes Two (game show)

"It Takes Two" is a game show where contestants gave numerical answers to questions (which usually entail stunts and/or demonstrations) in order to win, produced by Ralph Andrews.

Broadcast History

The show had two runs. Its first run ran from March 31, 1969 through July 31, 1970 on NBC, airing weekdays at 10 a.m. Eastern/9 Central. It replaced a game hosted by Ed McMahon titled "Snap Judgment," and was succeeded by "Dinah's Place," a women's talk/variety/homemaker's half-hour hosted by entertainer Dinah Shore. "It Takes Two" ran against sitcom reruns on CBS; numerous NBC affiliates tape-delayed or preempted the show in favor of local homemaker's shows or syndicated programming.

The second run took place during 1997 from March 10 through May 30 on Family (now known as ABC Family).

Hosts & Announcers

The host for the first version was Vin Scully (best known as a Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster), and the announcer was John Harlan; Harlan appeared on-screen with the studio audience contestants.

Dick Clark hosted the 1997 version, with Burton Richardson announcing.

The 1969-70 Version

Three celebrity couples competed in this version. On each question both spouses of each celebrity couple gave individual numerical answers to make a single averaged answer. After the celebrity couples gave their answers, a studio audience member guessed which couple was the closest. A correct answer won $100 for the audience member. Later in the run, the audience member won prizes. In 1970, if the audience member was right four times, he/she won a car. The first theme song was the 1967 hit for Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston of the same name.

The 1997 Version

In this version, the game was basically the same except that they're now two civilian contestants on each team rather than celebrity couples. Once again both players on each team gave individual numerical answers to make one answer (which is usually the average). Each question is now worth money for the team who is the closest, and the team whose the second closest wins half price (3/4 price on the first question, although 1/2 price in earlier episodes). If there's a two way tie, both teams get the first or second place money, but if there's a three way tie (which never happened), all three teams get the first place money. If at anytime the team hits the answer on the nose, a train whistle goes off, and in addition to the first place money they also win a special prize (usually a Yamaha WaveRunner). The 1997 version was produced by Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision with Mark Phillips serving as Executive Producer. Rich DeMichele was the Producer and Gary Jonke was the writer. Some of the guests included; Betty White, Adam West and the Batmobile, Tommy Smothers, Vicki Lawrence and a host of other celebrities.


"Brainteaser" (Bonus Round)

The team with the most money wins the game, keeps the cash, wins prizes and has a chance to answer one last question called the "Brainteaser". The "Brainteaser" is a question that had to do with an act or demonstration that was already used during the show. Now in the main rounds, the team players write down their answers but in this round, they gave verbal answers, but still their answers were averaged out. If the correct answer is within range higher or lower (either within 20 of their guesses, within the averaged numerical answer, or within their individual answers) they win a grand prize.

Note: If the game ended in a tie, the tying teams get to answer the "Brainteaser" with the team winners of that question getting the grand prize.


1969-70 Version

Dick Clark appeared on this version with his then-wife Loretta. Other game show hosts that appeared on the show were:
*Tom Kennedy
*Peter Marshall
*Allen Ludden
*Jack Narz

Veteran straight man Bud Abbott (of the comedy team Abbott & Costello) appeared as a special guest on one episode, reminiscing about his career with Lou Costello.

1997 Version

Many episodes featured a guest celebrity (sometimes from popular game shows) that came on to either perform a task related to a question or for a question related to their work.
*Rod Roddy & Janice Pennington of "The Price is Right" came by for one of the questions as well as the "Brainteaser".
*Ruta Lee stopped by to roll dice for one question. It went like this, "How many times will Ruta roll sevens & elevens during the rest of the show?".
*Ed McMahon, Dick's co-host on "TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes" came by for two questions. One had to do with his life as Johnny Carson's sidekick, and the other was for his American Family Publishers sweepstakes.
*Ron Pearson from "Shopping Spree" came by to do some juggling for one of the questions.
*Vicki Lawrence appeared in the premiere episode for a question on ironing.
*Betty White appeared for a question in the second week of the series.
*Christina Ferrare of "Home & Family" stopped by on the second show, for a question about her modeling career. Co-host Michael Burger, came in unexpectedly.

Episode status

All episodes of the 1997 series exist. The fate of the NBC version is unknown; only one episode is known to have circulated among collectors.

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