List of artificial islands

This is a list of artificial islands. Currently, artificial islands are an expensive but in some cases lucrative option for many cities having lack-of-land problems (such as Tokyo's Odaiba and Fukuoka's island city project.) In the future they may be common sights as many cities (especially Asian cities) around the world face severe urban land shortages and congestion. Eventually, this may make man-made islands a logical option.

This is a list of several artificial or man-made islands.


*Donauinsel, an island 20 kilometers long and 200 meters wide in the Danube (Vienna)


*Durrat Al Bahrain


*In Varna, a portion ot the southern industrial and port zone on a 2-km wide isthmus between the Black Sea and Lake Varna became an artificial island separated by two navigable canals in 1976


*Île Notre-Dame, in Montreal



*An island at Bohai Bay, near Beijing, 33.5km², for cargo transfer and wetlands reconstruction. [ N. China port city to create artificial island in 4 years]

Hong Kong

*Hong Kong International Airport - partially man-made, and partially on the original Chek Lap Kok.
*Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - new wing on a man-made island off the coast of the old wing at Wan Chai. [,-80.159882&sspn=0.152689,0.305557&ie=UTF8&ll=22.282862,114.175651&spn=0.004904,0.009549&t=k&z=16&om=1] []


*Macau International Airport


*Flakfortet, Copenhagen harbor
*Middelgrundsfortet, Copenhagen harbor (also known as Middelgrunden)
*Trekroner, Copenhagen harbor


*Willingdon Island


*Chubu Centrair International Airport
*Dejima in Nagasaki (Historic)
*Dream Island (Yume No Shima)
* Islands for Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu
* Islands for Haneda International Airport runway expansion.
* Heiwa Island, Tokyo Bay
*Kansai International Airport
* Kisarazu Island for Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
*Kobe Airport
*New Kitakyushu Airport
*Odaiba, Tōkyō Bay
*The Second Sea Fortress, Tōkyō Bay (The first and second fortresses were sunk)
*Port Island, Kobe harbor
*Rokko Island, Kobe harbor
*Island City, Fukuoka (Hakata) harbor


* Islets in the Lagos Nam Van




*Spiral Island, a small floating island


*The Lady Of the Rocks / Gospa od Skrpjela, a small island contribute to Our Lady of the Rocks, situated in the Bay Of Kotor.




*Crescent Bay (currently under construction and will also be home to one of the tallest buildings in the world being convert|1947|ft|m high)


*Barro Colorado Island, a former hilltop in the Panama Canal Zone.


*Uros, inhabited artificial floating islands made of reed on Lake Titicaca




*Lusail, new development north of Doha with several artificial islands.
*The Pearl


*Coral Island
*Jurong Island, formed by the amalgamation of seven natural islands
*Paradise Island
*Pearl Island
*Pulau Punggol Barat
*Pulau Punggol Timor
*Sandy Island
*Treasure Island

South Africa

*Island in Kamfers Dam, constructed as a flamingo breeding island


*Former Republic of Minerva

United Arab Emirates


*Burj al-Arab, a hotel on an island.
*The Palm Islands (The Palm, Jumeirah, The Palm, Jebel Ali, and The Palm, Deira), under construction as of 2005.
*The World Islands, under construction as of 2005.
*Dubai Waterfront

United Kingdom

*Whale Island, Portsmouth harbour
*Read's Island

United States


*Balboa Island (Newport Beach)
*Treasure Island (San Francisco Bay)
*Richfield Island, Ventura County


*Isola di Lolando (Miami) - Failed artificial island construction project.
*Hibiscus Island (Miami Beach)
*Palm Island (Miami Beach)
*Peanut Island (Riviera Beach)
*Star Island (Miami Beach)
*Venetian Islands (Miami Beach) - Includes Belle Isle, Biscayne Island, Di Lido Island and Flagler Monument Island.


*Goose Island (Chicago)
*Northerly Island (Chicago)

New York

*U Thant Island (New York City)


*Harbor Island (Seattle) (Seattle)

ee also

* List of islands


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