List of islands of India

List of islands of India

This is a list of islands of India.

*Andaman Islands
** Barren Island
** Great Andaman
** Little Andaman
** Ritchie's Archipelago
** Sentinel Islands
*Islands of the Cauvery River
** Srirangapatna
** Shivanasamudram
*Chorao, Goa
*Divar, Goa
*Monroe Island, Kollam, Kerala
*Islands of Mumbai Harbour
**Butcher Island (Mumbai)
**Cross Island
**Elephanta Island
**Middle Ground
**Oyster Rock
**Salsette Island
*Nicobar Islands
** Great Nicobar
** Car Nicobar
*Vashee, Goa
*Vypin, Kochi, Kerala
*Willington Island, Kochi, Kerala

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