Beppu, Ōita

Infobox City Japan
Name= Beppu
JapaneseName= 別府市

Region= Kyūshū
Prefecture= Ōita
Area_km2= 125.13
PopDate= January 2008
Population= 122,297
Density_km2= 977
LatitudeDegrees= 33
LatitudeMinutes= 17
LongtitudeDegrees= 131
LongtitudeMinutes= 29
Tree= Sweet Osmanthus and Camphor Laurel
Flower= Ōmurasaki (Rhododendron x pulchrum)

SymbolDescription= Flag
Mayor= Hiroshi Hamada
CityHallPostalCode= 874-8511
CityHallAddress= 1-15 Kaminoguchichō, Beppu-shi, Ōita-ken
CityHallPhone= 0977-21-1111
CityHallLink= [ Beppu City]

nihongo|Beppu|別府市|Beppu-shi is a city located in Ōita Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū, Japan.

As of January 31, 2008, the city has a population of [ 122,297] and a density of 977 persons per km². The total area is 125.13 km².

The city was founded on April 1, 1924 and is famous for its thousands of "onsen" (hot springs), which are regarded as sacred. Beppu is Japan's onsen capital with the largest volume of hot water in the world aside from Yellowstone in the USA and the largest number of hot spring sources in Japan. Beppu contains nine major geothermal hot spots, which are sometimes referred to as the "nine hells of Beppu". Beppu is also divided into 8 major hot spring areas, otherwise known as Beppu Hatto. The 8 areas are Beppu, Kitahama, Kamegawa, Shibaseki, Kannawa, Myoban, Horita and Hamawaki. Beppu is considered a tourist town by the Japanese and is rather picturesque. Like many other Japanese cities, Beppu is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains.

American poet James Dickey described a World War II "anti-morale" raid on Beppu in his 1965 poem "The Firebombing."

Recently, Beppu has been undergoing a renaissance. In 2000, the city subsidized the creation of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, an international university which focuses on International Relations and Business. The university has an enrollment of [ 5,633] students originating from [ 82] countries and regions, making it one of the most culturally diverse universities in Japan.

The international student population has also invigorated the local restaurant scene with Jamaican, Indian, Nepali, Lithuanian, Papua New Guinean, and Indonesian restaurants. In restaurants operated by locals too, food from various different countries served by Japanese-speaking international student waiters and waitresses, such as at the McDonalds on Route 10, have now become a common sight.

Since the 1980s Beppu has been known for its "sex museum" (Beppu Hihokan) which commemorates the resort town's sex industry with waxwork exhibits. The Hihokan was founded by an aficionado of sex-related artifacts, many of which are on display.

Besides the various onsen, at the edge of the city, Beppu also has an aquarium featuring dolphins at the base of Takasaki-yama (mt. Takasaki), which is known for its large population of wild monkeys (macaques).

Beppu "Hatto" Hot Spring Areas

*Beppu Onsen

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*Beppu Tower

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