Spruce Grove, Alberta

Spruce Grove, Alberta

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government_footnotes = [Cite web| url= http://www.sprucegrove.org/Mayor___Council/Elected_Officials.htm | title= Elected Officials | author= City of Spruce Grove | accessdate= 2007-06-23]
government_type =
leader_title = Mayor
leader_name = Stuart Houston
leader_title1 = Governing body
leader_name1 = Spruce Grove City Council
leader_title2 = Manager
leader_name2 = Doug Lagore
leader_title3 = MP
leader_name3 = Rona Ambrose
leader_title4 = MLA
leader_name4 = Doug Horner
established_title = Incorporated
established_date = Village: 1955
established_title2 =
established_date2 = Town: 1971
established_title3 =
established_date3 = City: 1986
area_magnitude =
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area_total_km2 = 26.4
area_land_km2 =
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area_water_percent =
area_urban_km2 =
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area_metro_km2 =
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population_as_of = 2006
population_footnotes =
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population_total = 19,496
population_density_km2 = 738.4
population_density_sq_mi =
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population_urban =
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latd=53 |latm=32 |lats=42 |latNS=N
longd=113 |longm=54 |longs=03 |longEW=W
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elevation_m = 705
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postal_code = T7X
area_code = +1-780
blank_name = Highways
blank_info =Highway 16A
Yellowhead Highway
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website = [http://www.sprucegrove.org/ City of Spruce Grove]
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Spruce Grove is a city in the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta. Like nearby Stony Plain it is surrounded by Parkland County.

With a population of 19,496, Spruce Grove is the 11th largest city in Alberta. The Horizon stage is a centre for performing arts here, and its Tri-Municipal Leisure Centre is a popular recreation facility. As it is fifteen minutes from Edmonton, many citizens travel there to shop. However, there are a great number of businesses on the west end that citizens commonly utilize.

The current mayor is Stuart Houston.


Spruce Grove is located near the province's geographical centre, at km to mi|30|spell=Commonwealth|precision=0|wiki=yes from downtown Edmonton and km to mi|14|abbr=yesfrom Edmonton's city limits.The City of Spruce Grove. [http://www.sprucegrove.org/Business/About_Spruce_Grove/Location.htm Location] ] . It is part of the Edmonton Capital Region.


According to the Canada 2006 Census conducted by Statistics Canada, the population of Spruce Grove is 19,496.Cite web| url= http://www12.statcan.ca/english/census06/data/profiles/community/Details/Page.cfm?Lang=E&Geo1=CSD&Code1=4811049&Geo2=PR&Code2=48&Data=Count&SearchText=Spruce%20Grove&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=01&B1=All&GeoLevel=&GeoCode=4811049 | title= Spruce Grove - Community Profile | author= Statistics Canada| authorlink= Statistics Canada| year= Census 2006 | accessdate= 2007-06-14] This is a 22.0% increase from the official result of the Canada 2001 Census, 15,983 [Statistics Canada (2001). [http://www12.statcan.ca/english/profil01/CP01/Details/Page.cfm?Lang=E&Geo1=CSD&Code1=4811049&Geo2=PR&Code2=48&Data=Count&SearchText=Spruce%20Grove&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=48&B1=All&Custom= 2001 Census - Spruce Grove Community Profile] ] . The city has a land area of km2 to mi2|26.40|abbr=yes|wiki=yes and a population density of Pop density km2 to mi2|738.4| spell=UK | abbr=yes.


;Major thoroughfaresTwo highways pass through Spruce Grove, Highway 16 and Highway 16A. Highway 16 has no traffic lights but has two exits into Spruce Grove, while Highway 16A has several traffic intersections. Travelling east of either of these highways will lead to Edmonton. Travelling west on Highway 16A will lead to Stony Plain, and going west on either highway will lead to Edson, Hinton, and eventually Jasper.

;Local streetsThe majority of the streets in Spruce Grove use a standard naming system. Their names share a first letter with that of its subdivision. For example, all streets start with M in Millgrove subdivision; in Woodhaven, they all start with W. Only in the original subdivision of Broxton Park and the downtown core is this naming convention not utilized.

;RailroadThere is a railroad connection between Edmonton and Vancouver running through Spruce Grove. The majority of the rail road traffic is goods, however in the summer there is also passenger transportation between Edmonton and Jasper.Fact|date=September 2008

;ETS Transit
Edmonton Transit System offers a commuter transit route from Spruce Grove to Edmonton, peak hours only.


Spruce Grove was incorporated as a village in 1955, as a town in 1971, and as a city in 1986. [City of Spruce Grove [http://www.sprucegrove.org/Business/About_Spruce_Grove/History.htm History] ]

ports and recreation

;Amateur sportsSpruce Grove has an abundant number of youths and adults involved in Amateur Sports, that run year round. Hockey runs from September to April, soccer runs from May to October, football runs from July to November and baseball runs from March to October. The Spruce Grove Saints are a Junior A hockey team that play in the AJHL.

;Famous athletesSpruce Grove has produced many professional and accomplished athletes. These include the following (in alphabetical order):
*Stu Barnes (NHL centre)
*Nathan Dempsey (NHL defenceman)
*Grant Fuhr (former NHL goaltender)
*Jennifer Heil (moguls skier, Olympic gold medalist)
*Steve Regier (NHL forward)
*Grant Stevenson (NHL centre)

;Recreation facilitiesThe TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre, opened in 2002, provides a pool, soccer fields, a gymnasium, workout gym, and ice rinks to the people of Parkland County. Spruce Grove has bike trails winding throughout the city, called the Heritage Grove Trail, where bike riders can ride for hours through lush forest. On June 7th 2008, Spruce Grove held the grand opening of the West District Park, which features two full artificial surface fields for football, soccer and other activities. The Edmonton Eskimos donated $10,000 towards the event and held practice at the facility as part of the first day activities.

Music, Arts and entertainment

"Spruce Groove Records" is the City of Spruce Grove's own independent record label that releases the music of the Canadian rock band Aderly Saves the World. It was originally formed in 1998 to produce just the records of that band. It's since released the records of other bands such as 3BoxesRed, Exit2, Knife Vs Dinnerplate, Adventure Tour Plan, and My Boy Sherman.

June Harrison, a local artist, and creator of the award winning painting The Book Worm, [ [http://www.sprucegrove.org/Photo_Gallery/Melcor_Developments_Art_Collection/Art_Search/The_Book_Worm.htm The Book Worm] ] may not be of international recognition, but has touched the hearts of all Spruce Grovians.

Horizon Stage hosts many plays and acts throughout the year, as well as a lot of community theatre. Spruce Grove also has a 7 screen theatre complex which opened in the fall of 2007.


Spruce Grove receives almost all of its print, radio, and television media from Edmonton.

However, Spruce Grove has its own weekly newspaper, the Spruce Grove Examiner, delivered to all homes every Friday. This newspaper holds almost exclusively local news. [ [http://www.sprucegroveexaminer.com/ Spruce Grove Examiner] ] .


Spruce Grove is part of the Parkland School Division No. 70. The following schools are located in Spruce Grove [Schools in Spruce Grove: [http://www.psd70.ab.ca/greystone Greystone Centennial Middle School] , [http://www.psd70.ab.ca/sgchs/ Spruce Grove Composite High School] ]

;Public School District
*Greystone Centennial Middle School
*Spruce Grove Composite High School educates approximately 1,200 students from the Parkland County Area
*Brookwood Elementary School
*Broxton Park Elementary School
*Millgrove Elementary School
*Woodhaven Middle School

;Separate School District
*St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School
*St. Marguerite Catholic Junior High School
*St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School

;Private School District
*Living Waters Christian Academy

There have been approved plans for a new separate high school to be built for Spruce Grove and neighboring town Stony Plain that will change the current format of the existing separate schools.

ee also

*List of cities in Canada
*Edmonton Capital Region


External links

* [http://www.sprucegrove.org/ City of SpruceGrove]

Canadian City Geographic Location (8-way)
Northwest = Onoway
North = Westlock
Northeast = St. Albert
West = Stony Plain
Centre = Spruce Grove
East = Enoch Cree Nation Edmonton
Southwest = Thorsby
South = Devon
Southeast = Beaumont

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