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The Invisible Plane (sometimes referred to as the Invisible Jetplane) is the fictional DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman's venerable, though now seldom-used, mode of transport. It first appeared in "Sensation Comics" #1 (Jan. 1942).Citation | last = Jimenez | first = Phil | author-link = Phil Jimenez | contribution = Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet | editor-last = Dougall | editor-first = Alastair | title = The DC Comics Encyclopedia | pages = 34-35 | publisher = Dorling Kindersley | place = London | year = 2008 | ISBN = 0-7566-4119-5]

Original history

As Wonder Woman's powers were expanded throughout the Silver Age and Modern Age, she was depicted more often as being able to fly, and thus relied on the invisible jet less frequently.

Current history

In the current Post-Crisis version of the DC Universe, Wonder Woman can fly, regardless of wind currents, and rarely uses the Invisible Plane. The plane's history has subsequently been revised as well.

The Origin of the Modern Age version of the Invisible Jet was chronicled during John Byrne's run of "Wonder Woman" with more detailed information chronicled in "Wonder Woman Secret Files" #1.

The Jet is originally a "morphing crystal" that was developed scientifically by an alien race called the "Lansinarians".

The Lansinarians were a blind alien race and could not react quickly enough to changes in their environment. So developed a life support device- the morphing crystal that catered to their needs. The crystal is a shape-changing device that can take many forms.

It was initially a malleable alien sentient being who was part of "The Ring," the device which would become the Invisible Plane crash lands on Earth and is found by a group of subterranean beings called the Lansinarians. These beings later bestow the device to Wonder Woman in gratitude for saving them. The plane, which possesses a sophisticated artificial intelligence, responds to Wonder Woman's thoughts. It is able to render itself invisible as well as alter its shape, transforming into any form of vehicle its bearer desires, be it a jet, submarine, motorcycle, or horse-drawn chariot.

Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, makes use of the plane during her time-traveling stint as the Wonder Woman of the 1940s. To adjust to the era, she wills the device to assume the form of a prop-driven plane and it takes on the appearance of the original Invisible Plane of the earlier comics. The plane later becomes known as the WonderDome and serves as Wonder Woman's floating base above Gateway City. During this time, it begins to even display a personality and is a frequent ally to the Amazon Princess. The Dome's technology is also incorporated into the Amazons' city of Themyscira following its reconstruction in the wake of the Imperiex War.

In "Wonder Woman" #201 (by Greg Rucka), the Dome sacrifices itself to prevent a tidal wave from destroying Themyscira. All that now remains is its shell, which has resumed the traditional shape of the Invisible Plane. It no longer retains a mind of its own however and it presumably can no longer alter its shape.


*It was created to attune itself to its user and its environment. The vessel responds appropriately and can take the form of any vehicle of earth, water and beyond (A Sub-marine or Rocketship). This amazing craft was given as a gift by the Lansinarians as a gift to Wonder Woman who saved them.

*It has the power to be undetectable by radar or the human eye and the ability to shift from its crystal, "transparent mode" to complete invisibility rendering BOTH itself and its occupants truly invisible.

*The Invisible Jet propels itself by harnessing graviton particles. It is in this fashion also that it shields its passengers from the forces of sudden acceleration.

*In outer space: The Craft can extrude a portion of itself around Wonder Woman. Without taking in additional air supply, it can process one's own exhaled oxygen to allow breating for 20 minutes. It can sense Wonder Woman's thoughts and will respond to her needs.

*Arsenal: The Invisible Jet can shape projectile weapons out of its own substance but doing so depletes the amount of material in the vessel. When such depletion occurs, the craft can regenerate itself slowly. This function is to be avoided and used only when absolutely necessary as a last resort.

*Although Wonder Woman possesses the power of flight, the Invisible Jet is very useful when she needs to transport a larger group of people or when she needs to use stealth on a mission.

In other media

A very realistic, full-size plane was featured on the Wonder Woman live-action series, and shown several times during the World War II era. series, set in the 1970s, before disappearing. After its disappearance, Wonder Woman runs at incredible speeds, bounds great distances, or even changes costumes and rides to her destination on motorcycles.

The Invisible Plane is a regular feature on the "Super Friends" cartoon show; Wonder Woman gives a ride to Aquaman and the Wonder Twins on a regular basis. In "Challenge of the Super Friends", the invisible jet is shown using magic lasso projectiles.Being that Super Friends is a staple of nostalgia humor, a frequent joke alludes to the question of how Wonder Woman can locate or operate her plane since it's invisible.

It has appeared on the animated series "Justice League Unlimited". The Invisible Plane had a separate origin that was supposed to have been told in an animated TV movie - "", but the feature was never produced. Had it been produced, it would have featured the origin of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet in addition to how the League roster would be expanded and transformed into "Justice League Unlimited". At the 2007 Wonder Con in San Francisco, California - Bruce Timm announced that that "Justice League: Worlds Collide" might actually be produced in the next few years.


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