Kawachinagano, Osaka

Kawachinagano, Osaka

Infobox City Japan
Name= Kawachinagano
JapaneseName= 河内長野市

PopDate=April 2008
LatitudeDegrees= 34
LatitudeMinutes= 28
LongtitudeDegrees= 135
LongtitudeMinutes= 34
Tree=Camphor laurel

SymbolDescription= Flag
Mayor= Yoshitaka Hashigami
CityHallAddress=1-1-1, Harachō, Kawachinagano-shi, Ōsaka-fu
CityHallPhone= 0721-53-1111
CityHallLink= [http://www.city.kawachinagano.osaka.jp/ Kawachinagano City]

nihongo|Kawachinagano|河内長野市|Kawachinagano-shi is a city located in Osaka, Japan.

As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 114,080 and the density of 1,040 persons per km². The total area is 109.61 km².

The city was founded on April 1, 1954.

On March 1, 2008, The village of Chiahayaakasaka, the sole remaining village within the prefecture, had requested a merge into Kawachinagano after talks of merging with the surrounding towns of Kanan and Taishi fell through. [ Asahi Shimbun, Osaka edition, April 30th 2007, p. 1, 大阪唯一の村消える? "Ōsaka yuiitsu no mura kieru?"] The merge will be implemented around March 31, 2008.http://www.kokudo.or.jp/new/cities/sub/kinki/27.htm]

Claims to Fame

The area once boasted the largest national production output of toothpicks. This is no longer the case, with most toothpicks now being imported from overseas. The city still sticks to its former reputation as "Toothpick capital".

Kawachinagano is known for its local dialect of Japanese, "Kawachi-ben", which is known for its rough, blue-collar appeal. "Kawachi-ben" is spoken in the "Kawachi" area, which includes Kawachinagano, yet extends as far north as Yao.

ister city

*Carmel, Indiana, United StatesFact|date=September 2008


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* [http://www.city.kawachinagano.osaka.jp/ Kawachinagano official website] ja icon

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