Kōnosu, Saitama

Kōnosu, Saitama

Japanese city
Name = Kōnosu City
JapaneseName = 鴻巣市
Region = Kantō
Prefecture = Saitama Prefecture
Area_km2 = 67.49
Population = 120,933
Density_km2 = 1792
PopDate = February 1, 2007
Mayor = Kazuhisa Haraguchi
Coords =
LatitudeDegrees = 36
LatitudeMinutes = 4
LatitudeSeconds =
LongtitudeDegrees = 139
LongtitudeMinutes = 31
LongtitudeSeconds =
Tree = Zelkova serrata(Keyaki)
Flower = pansy

SymbolDescription = Flag

CityHallPostalCode = 365-8601
CityHallAddress = Kounosu-shi,Chuou1-1-1
CityHallPhone = 048-
CityHallLink = [http://www.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/index.html Kōnosu City]
nihongo|Kōnosu|鴻巣市|Kōnosu-shi is a city located in Saitama, Japan.

As of 2003, the city had an estimated population of 84,145 and a density of 2,345.83 persons per km². The total area was 35.87 km².

As of October 12005, the city merged with neighboring Fukiage and Kawasato to form one large city. Kōnosu's population increased to 120,761 and the total area is now 67.49 km².


Kōnosu earned the nickname "Doll Town" for its many "Hina Ningyou" (a type of Japanese doll) factories. Kōnosu is also called "Flower town." It has several flower markets, and many flowers purchased in Tokyo and Kantō region are grown in Kōnosu. The most popular flower in the city is the pansy, which is also the city's official flower.


*Sakura Matsuri
*Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)
*Ootori Matsuri (Fall)
*Ojuya(November 13November 15)
*Shishimai (August 18)
*Mato Matsuri (January 12)


*Kōnosu has been a popular inn town along the road of Nakasendō since Edo period. The city was founded on September 301954.


*Kōnosu Station on the Takasaki Line of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) – About one hour from Ueno Station (Tokyo)
*The National Highway Route 17 runs through Kōnosu.

Adjoining cities and towns


External links

* [http://www.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/ Kōnosu official website] in Japanese
* [http://www3.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/siseiyoran/flower/index.html About Kōnosu Flower] in Japanese and English
* [http://www3.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/siseiyoran/climate/3.html About Kōnosu Hina Doll] in Japanese and English
* [http://www3.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/siseiyoran/climate/2.html About Kōnosu Matsuri] in Japanese and English
* [http://www3.city.kounosu.saitama.jp/siseiyoran/climate/index.html About Kōnosu History] in Japanese and English

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