Petersson inner product

In mathematics the Petersson inner product is an inner product defined on the space of entire modular forms. It was introduced by the German mathematician Hans Petersson.


Let mathbb{M}_k be the space of entire modular forms of weight k and mathbb{S}_k the space of cusp forms.

The mapping langle cdot , cdot angle : mathbb{M}_k imes mathbb{S}_k ightarrow mathbb{C},

:langle f , g angle := int_mathrm{F} f( au) overline{g( au)}

(operatorname{Im} au)^k d u ( au)

is called Petersson inner product, where

:mathrm{F} = left{ au in mathrm{H} : left| operatorname{Re} au ight| leq frac{1}{2}, left| au ight| geq 1 ight}

is a fundamental region of the modular group Gamma and for au = x + iy

:d u( au) = y^{-2}dxdy

is the hyperbolic volume form.


The integral is absolutely convergent and the Petersson inner product is a positive definite Hermite form.

For the Hecke operators T_n we have:

:langle T_n f , g angle = langle f , T_n g angle

This can be used to show that the space of cusp forms has an orthonormal basis consisting of simultaneous eigenfunctions for the Hecke operators and the Fourier coefficients of these forms are all real.


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