Usemod logo.svg
Developer(s) Clifford Adams, Markus Lude
Initial release 1999
Stable release 1.0.5 / August 28, 2009 (2009-08-28)
Written in Perl
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Wiki
License GNU General Public License

UseModWiki is a wiki engine written in the Perl programming language. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Pages in UseModWiki are stored in ordinary files, not in a relational database. Something similar to the interface can be seen in MediaWiki with the classic skin.



Clifford Adams based UseModWiki on the code of AtisWiki by Marcus Denker. AtisWiki was based on CvWiki by Peter Merel. CvWiki was the first GNU-licensed wiki based on WikiBase, the wiki engine of the original WikiWikiWeb by Ward Cunningham.

The first installation of UseModWiki was Adams's wiki, the basis of the Usenet Moderation Project (Usemod) which had been running on AtisWiki since October 11, 1999. The second wiki to use UseModWiki, the MeatballWiki created by Adams and Sunir Shah dedicated to online communities, was installed on the Web site on April 24, 2000.

From January 15, 2001 until early 2002, UseModWiki was also used to run Wikipedia. All language instances of Wikipedia have since been moved over to MediaWiki.

WikiWikiWeb's sister wiki the Adjunct, started in July 2005, also runs on UseModWiki.

UseModWiki versions

Date Version
January 22, 2000 0.70
June 18, 2000 0.80
July 15, 2000 0.82
August 26, 2000 0.86
October 12, 2000 0.88
December 24, 2000 0.90
February 16, 2001 0.91
April 21, 2001 0.92
September 12, 2003 1.00
June 9, 2007 1.01
August 26, 2007 1.02
September 12, 2007 1.03
December 1, 2007 1.04
August 28, 2009 1.05


Among the wiki engines derived from UseModWiki are:

  • Oddmuse: derived from UseModWiki 0.92
  • Habitat (software): derived from UseModWiki 1.0

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