List of Bucharest metro stations

List of Bucharest metro stations

This is a list of the current stations on the Bucharest Metro system in Bucharest, Romania. As the network grows larger, more stations will be added to this article.

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This is a list of stations on the Bucharest Metro rapid transit system of Bucharest, Romania.

Stations in bold are transfer stations.


*color box|#Stockholm Metro color|Red Line 1: Dristor 2Pantelimon
*color box|#Stockholm Metro color|Blue Line 2: PiperaDepoul I.M.G.B.
*color box|#FFFF00 Line 3: IndustriilorEroilor
*color box|#Stockholm Metro color|Green Line 4: 1 MaiGara de Nord 2


Line M4 (green line)

Line 4 is the newest line, constructed in 2000. Currently, it runs from Gara de Nord to 1 Mai in the city's northwest.

*Gara de Nord
*1 Mai

An extension planned for 2010 will be including the stations:
*Parc Bazilescu (Basilescu park)

Line M5 (orange line)

Line 5 is under construction.

*Râul Doamnei
*Târgul Neamţ
*Parc Drumul Taberei
*Drumul Taberei 34
*Academia Militară

An extension connecting the Universitate station with Pantelimon is planned.

M6 (violet line)

This line is not certain. But, if it can be built, it will run between Rahova and Colentina (via Piaţa Romană).

M7 (brown line)

This line will connect two important transportation hubs: the Gara de Nord Train Station and the Otopeni International Airport,near Gara Baneasa and Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

*Gara de Nord 2
*Basarab 2
*1 mai
*Cartier Băneasa
*Gara Băneasa
*Băneasa Institut
*Meteo Băneasa
*Aeroport Aurel Vlaicu-Băneasa
*Pădurea Băneasa
*Carrefour Băneasa
*Otopeni Sud
*Otopeni Centru
*Water Park
*Otopeni Nord
*Aeroport Henry Coanda TERMINAL SOSIRI
*Aeroport Henry Coanda TERMINAL PLECARI
*Depoul Otopeni

The stations: Privighetorilor, Gara Băneasa, Pădurea Băneasa and Depoul Otopeni will be aboveground.

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