List of Greek roads

List of Greek roads

The following is a list of Greek Highways (National Roads). Generally, odd numbered highways are of north-south alignment and even numbered highways are aligned east-west. However there are many exceptions. There are also many provincial roads that are not in this list. Take a look under www.Greek-Motorway.Net Nationalroad

List of National Roads

*"' ("Ethniki Odos"):
Athens - Lamia - Larissa - Thessaloniki - Evzoni
Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Grevena - (branch to Albanian border: Kristalopigi - Kastoria) - Kozani - Thessaloniki - Kavala - Xanthe - Comotene - Alexandroupoli - Turkish Border with D110 (runs parallel to Via Egnatia from Thessaloniki to Alexandoupoli)
*Greek National Road 3: Elefsina - Thiva - Lamia - Pharsala - Larissa - Elassona - Kozani - Florina - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border to Bitola
*Greek National Road 4: Kozani - Veria - Edessa
Antirio - Amfilochia - Arta - Ioannina
*Greek National Road 6: Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Trikala - Larissa - Volos
*, excludes freeway.
*Greek National Road 8: Athens - Corinth - Patras Old Road
* New Road (partly freeway)
*Greek National Road 9: Patras - Pyrgos - Methoni
*Greek National Road 9A: Kalo Nero - Allagi, connecting GR-9 with GR-7
*Greek National Road 12: Thessaloniki - Serres - Drama - Kavala
*Greek National Road 13: Elassona - Katerini
*Greek National Road 14: Drama - Xanthi
*Greek National Road 15: Kalambaka - Grevena - Neapoli - Kastoria - junction with GR-2
*Greek National Road 16: Thessaloniki - Stratoni
*Greek National Road 17:
*Greek National Road 18: Preveza - Igoumenitsa
*Greek National Road 20: Ioannina - Konitsa - Neapoli - Kozani
*Greek National Road 21: Preveza - west of Arta up to GR-5
*Greek National Road 22: Kakavia (Albanian border) - Kalpaki (junction with GR-20
*Greek National Road 24:
*Greek National Road 25:
*Greek National Road 26: Elassona - junction with GR-15 north of Kalampaka
*Greek National Road 27: Amfissa - Lamia
*Greek National Road 28:
*Greek National Road 29:
*Greek National Road 30: Arta - Trikala - Karditsa - Pharsala - Volos
*Greek National Road 31: Patras - Kalavrita
*Greek National Road 33: Patras - Panopoulo - Klitoria
*Greek National Road 34:
*Greek National Road 34a:
*Greek National Road 35:
*Greek National Road 36:
*Greek National Road 38: Agrinio - Karpenisi - Lamia
*Greek National Road 39: Tripoli - Sparta - Gytheio
*Greek National Road 40:
*Greek National Road 42: Leukada - Vonitsa - Amfilochia
*Greek National Road 44: Thiva - Halkida - Karystos
*Greek National Road 48: Antirio - Nafpaktos - Galaxidi - Levadeia
*Greek National Road 50: Argostoli - Sámi (in the island of Cephalonia)
*Greek National Road 51: Alexandroupoli - Orestiada - Turkish border near Edirne/ Bulgarian Border S of Svilengrad.
*Greek National Road 53: Mega Dereio - Metaxades - Didymoteicho.
*Greek National Road 57: Drama - Bulgarian border ( Exochi ).
*Greek National Road 63: Serres - Bulgarian Border ( Promachonas, Kulata ).
*Greek National Road 65: Thessaloniki - Kilkis - Loutra (junction with GR-57
*Greek National Road 66: Nemea - Levidi
*Greek National Road 70: Corinth - Epidavros - Nafplio - Argos
*Greek National Road 74: Pyrgos - Olympia - Tripoli
*Greek National Road 76: Olympia - Andritsaina - Megalopoli
*Greek National Road 77: Halkida - Istiaia (northern Euboea)
*Greek National Road 79: Malakasa (junction with GR-1) - Oropos
*Greek National Road 82: Pylos - Kalamata - Sparta
*Greek National Road 83: Gerakas - Marathonas - Aghios Stefanos (junction with GR-1)
*Greek National Road 85: Varkiza - Artemis(Loutsa)
*Greek National Road 86: Gytheio - Monemvasia
*Greek National Road 89: Glyka Nera - Lavrio
*Greek National Road 90: Kissamos - Chania - Rethymnon - Heraclion - Aghios Nikolaos - Sitia
*Greek National Road 91: Vouliagmeni - Sounio
*Greek National Road 95: Rhodes - Lindos
*Greek National Road 97: Rethimno - Timbaki-Ierapetra-Sitia
*Greek National Road 99: Heraklio - GR-97 (50km west of Timbaki)

Correlation with European routes

This is a list of European routes that shows which parts of them run through Greece.

Major routes:
*E55: GR-18, Preveza - Rio - Patras, Patras - Pyrgos - Kalamata through GR-9, GR-9A and GR-7
* through GR-90
* through GR-90
* through GR-12
*E85: GR-51
*E86: Albanian border at Kristalopigi - Florina - Edessa - Gefyra (west of Thessaloniki), through GR-2
*E90: Via Egnatia
*E92: GR-6

Other routes:

*E853: Kakavia (Albanian border) - junction with GR-20
*E951: GR-5
*E952: Preveza-Amfilochia partly through GR-42, Amfilochia - Karpenisi - Lamia partly through GR-38
*E961: GR-39
*E962: Elefsina - Thiva through GR-3

Note: when certain highways that carry European routes are replaced with motorways, the European routes will be re-assigned to the new motorways. For example, GR-7 carries the E65 from Tripoli to Kalamata. When the Corinth - Tripoli - Kalamata motorway is complete, E65 will run through it and not through GR-7 anymore.


* , but the Patra - Athens part is now named "Motorway A8" and belongs to a different project.

* . This large project, including the auxiliary routes, will be complete in 2008, and the length of the main route will be 670 kilometres or 416 miles.

* . Construction started on June 2007, and it is expected to be complete after 5 years. It is also known as "Central Greece Motorway", and its full length will be 175 kilometres or 109 miles. Link: []

* bypass. Link: []

* , and the rest will start to be constructed in 2008, to be completed around 2011. It is commonly referred to as "Hymettus Ring", or "Imittos Ring". A small part of A65, remains still unconstructed, and it is yet unknown when it will be completed.

* . Its full length will be 205 kilometres or 127 miles, including the auxiliary route.

* .

* "', since the A8 runs along the north of the Peloponese, and the A9 to the west.

* , is currently being upgraded to motorway, with certain parts already complete, as of summer 2007. It is also known as "North Crete Motorway", and its full length will be 310 kilometres or 193 miles. Other sources claim it to be 250km or 156 mi.

Note 1: Except for the previously mentioned motorways, all other highways in Greece are undivided 2-laned. Lengths are approximate.

Note 2: Motorway numbers are different and irrelevant to other highways' numbers. For example, Motorway A6 refers to Attiki Odos, while "GR-6", as listed above, refers to a different road. The same goes for Egnatia Odos, which is numbered "Motorway A2", and the old highway "GR-2".

Note 3: Another motorway lies between Thessaloniki and Nea Moudania. It has been recently numbered Motorway A67 but this is most likely temporary. It is also known as the Halkidiki Motorway. Its first 8km (from Thessaloniki exit till the Makedonia International Airport intersection) are a 6-lane divided motorway. The next 29km (until the Sozopolis intersection) are a 4-lane divided motorway and the last 17km (until Nea Moudania ) are a 2-lane undivided highway, under construction to be transformed into a 4-lane divided motorway. The first part of it is common with the Greek National Road 16.

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