List of people from Oregon

This is a list of some famous people strongly associated with the state of Oregon:


* Robert H. Adleman (1919–1995), novelist, historian and restaurateur
* Danny Ainge (1959–), former NBA star
* Goli Ameri, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs
* Thomas J. Autzen (1888-1958), Name bearer, University of Oregon's stadium; Contributing engineer- plywood manufacturing technologies


* Wally Backman (1959-),Former Major League Baseball second baseman, inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.
* Carl Barks (1901–2001), comic book writer and artist
* Rex T. Barber (1917–2001), a World War II fighter pilot, best know for shooting down Isoroku Yamamoto
* Jeffrey Barry (1969-) former Major League Baseball outfielder.
* James Beard (1903–1985), American chef and food journalist
* Grayson Boucher (1984–), basketball player known as "The Professor" on the AND 1 Streetball Mix Tape Tour
* Bill Bowerman (1911-1999), track coach at University of Oregon; Nike co-founder
* Brian Bruney (1982-), Major League Baseball relief pitcher for the New York Yankees.
* Brian Burres (1981-), Major League Baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.


* Raymond Carver, author
* Helen Cha-Pyo, orchestra conductor and organist
* Beverly Cleary (1916–), writer
* Chief Joseph (1840–1904), was the chief of the Wal-lam-wat-kain (Wallowa) band of Nez Perce Indians
* Chad Cota (1971–), former National Football League player and current co-owner of InfoStructure
* Pinto Colvig (1892-1976) actor, voice actor, best known as the voice of Disney's Goofy and portraying the original Bozo the Clown.
* Ann Curry (1956–), television journalist


* Richard Diebenkorn (1922–1993), artist


* Robert Eakin 1848-1917, Oregon Supreme Court chief justice
* H. Chandler Egan 1884-1936, golf course designer
* Randall Edwards (born 1961) , Oregon State Treasurer
* Jacoby Ellsbury (born 1983), baseball player
* Harris Ellsworth (1899-1986), member of U.S. Congress from Oregon.
* Marie Equi (1872–1952), physician and anarchist
* Neil Everett (1962–), ESPN sportscaster


* Tami Farrell (1984–), Miss Teen USA 2003
* Mark Few (1962–), head basketball coach at Gonzaga University
* David Fincher (1962–), film director
* Carrie Finklea (1988–), actress
* Sally Flynn (1946–), singer, featured performer from "The Lawrence Welk Show"
* Alex Frost (1987–), actor, from "Elephant" and "Drillbit Taylor"


* Gary the Retard (1952–), radio personality, one of the most popular members of Howard Stern's Wack Pack
* A.C. Gilbert (1884–1961), inventor, athlete, toy-maker and businessman, best know as the inventor of the Erector Set
* Neil Goldschmidt (1940–), influential and controversial Governor, Mayor of Portland, lobbyist
* Matt Groening (1954–), the creater of The Simpsons (cartoonist)
* Jeremy Guthrie (1979-), Major League Baseball, starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.


* Page Hamilton (1960–), musician
* Tonya Harding (1970–), ice skater, boxer
* Katie Harman (1980–), Miss America 2002
* Mark Hatfield (1922–), senator
* Howard Hesseman (1940-) actor, best is known for his role as disc jockey John "Dr. Johnny Fever" Caravella on the television sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.
* Herbert Hoover (1874–1964), (moved to Oregon at the age of ten), the thirty-first President of the United States (1929–1933)


* Terri Irwin (1964–), co-star (with husband Steve) of "The Crocodile Hunter"


* Scott Kelly (musician), of Neurosis (band)
* Ken Kesey (1935–2001), author
* Kip Kinkel (born 1982), school shooter
* John Kitzhaber, (born 1947, Oregon Governor, 1995-2003
* Phil Knight (1938–), founder of Nike
* Jon Krakauer (1954–), author and mountaineer (born in Massachusetts, but grew up in Corvallis)


* Winona LaDuke (1959–), Native American activist
* Ursula K. Le Guin (1929–), author
* Leonard Levy (1923–2006), Pulitzer Prize winner


* Larry Mahan (1943–), six time World All-Around Rodeo Champion cowboy
*Donald Malarkey (1921-), a soldier who fought in World War II, best known for being one of the soldiers portrayed in the Band of Brothers television miniseries.
* Tom McCall (1913–1983), influential Governor
* Ranald MacDonald (1824–1894), first man to teach the English language in Japan.
* Macy Morse (1921–), peace activist
* Dale Murphy (1956–), former Major League Baseball player


* Bob Packwood (1932–), former United States Senate and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee
* Chuck Palahniuk (1961–), writer
* Mark Parent (1961-) former Major League Baseball catcher.
* Linus Pauling (1901–1994), chemist and activist; only person to win two Nobel Prizes outright
* Alfred Peet (1920–2007), founder, Peet's Coffee & Tea
* Kim M. Peyton-McDonald (1957-1986), gold medalist from 1976 Summer Olympics; Oregon Sports Hall of Fame inductee
* Julianne Phillips (1960–) ("née" Smith), actress
* River Phoenix (1970–1993), actor
* Mitch Pileggi (1952–), actor, best known for playing FBI assistant director Walter Skinner on the longrunning popular series The X-Files
* Steve Prefontaine (1951–1975), track athlete


* Susan Raye (1944-), country singer
* John Reed (journalist) (1887-1920), journalist and Bolshevik activist
* Harold Reynolds (1960–), former MLB player, ESPN Baseball analyst
* Michael Ruppert, political activist and founder of From The Wilderness newsletter.

* Rebecca Schaeffer, 1967-1989 actress
* Sonny Sixkiller, former Washington Huskies Quarterback, Actor
* Robert W. Straub (1920–2002), Governor of Oregon
* Eric A. Stillwell (1962–), screenwriter and producer
* Sally Struthers (1948–), actress


* Jack Tafari (1946–), housing rights activist
* Corin Tucker (1972–), musician, guitarist with Sleater-Kinney


*Will Vinton (1948-) a director and producer, know for his commercial creations, The California Raisins, the Domino's Noid, and the M&M's characters.


* Neale Donald Walsch (1943–), author of the Conversations with God series
* Carl Wieman (1951-), physicist, and winner of 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics laureate
* Anthony Wynn (1962–), author
* Bob Welch, author and columnist
* Craig L. Williams (1961–), Emperor XVI Craig Hollywood of the Imperial Court of New York.


* John Zerzan (1943–), anarchist

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