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Jemini were an English pop group from Liverpool, best known for scoring "nul points" and finishing in last place with their song "Cry Baby" at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia. To date, it is the only time in the contest's history that a UK entry has suffered that particular indignity, most associated in the popular imagination with Norway.


Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey (born 1982) met in 1995 at Liverpool's Starlight Stage School and toured Liverpool's pubs and clubs with the academy's kids' roadshow. At 16, after leaving college, they formed Tricity, named after the brand of electrical appliances. They formed Jemini ("Gem-and-I") at the age of 19. They spent the next two and a half years touring pubs and clubs in the UK performing Stevie Wonder, Randy Crawford, Motown covers and ABBA medleys, as well as their own compositions. Gemma says she has loved Eurovision since childhood and count previous Eurovision entrants such as Sonia, Precious and Dana International amongst her favourites.

"Cry Baby"

Jemini and the song "Cry Baby" were selected to take part in Eurovision by a public phone poll in the BBC's "A Song for Europe" competition. Their performance at Eurovision in Riga in May 2003 was criticised for being off-key, and later earned the United Kingdom "nul points", the first (and so far, only) time the UK has suffered that particular indignity at Eurovision.

Failure and Break-up

Due to their failure at Eurovision, they were immediately dropped by their record label "(Integral Records UK)", and as a consequence of this, their first ever album was never released. This was because they only made the Top 20 for one week with "Cry Baby", falling to #35 on the UK Top 75 in its second week. They split up as a duo. In his book "Nul Points", Tim Moore meets the duo, finding Gemma working in a car showroom and Chris working in a clothes shop.

Nothing is known of Gemma since that interview took place but Chris Cromby is now working on a solo career as a singer and has posted two songs onto his new MySpace page.


Unreleased Album
* "Love Is Blind"(2003) (Cancelled)


* "Cry Baby" (2003) - #15 (UK), #73 (Ireland)
* "Try To Love" (2003) - N/A (Cancelled)


*"The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History" Carlton Books, UK (2007) (ISBN 978-1-84442-994-3) by John Kennedy O'Connor
*"Nul Points" (2006) (ISBN 0-224-07780-5) by Tim Moore
*"Jemini's MySpace Page [] "
*"Chris Cromby Music [] " - Chris Cromby's MySpace Page

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