Sudan at the 1972 Summer Olympics

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Sudan competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany.

Results by event


Men's 800 metres
*Nimir Hussein Angelo Koko:* Heat — 1:48.9:* Semifinals — 1:51.1 (→ did not advance)

Men's 1500 metres
*Dafallah Sultan Farah:* Heat — 4:02.9 (→ did not advance)

* Ibrahim Saad Abdelgalil
* Hamdi Woreldin Mohamed
* Shag Mousa Medani
* Musa Mohame Gadou Moussa

Alternate members:
* Mashinkok Izielia Alier
* Mohamed Mahagoub Said
* Taha Kamal Eldin Mohamed


* Kasamiro Kashri Marchlo
* Mirgaani Gomaa Rizgalla
* Saeid Mohamed Abaker
* Abdalla Salih Abdelwahb

Alternate member:
* Ibrahim Abdalhamid Awad
* Mohame Hashim Ahmed
* Mustafa Awad Abbasher
* Obang Fitter Obang
* Okalo Tomsah Milwal


* Sudan - Eliminated in First Round
* First Round Group B : 0V-0D-3L
* Roster - Morgan Abdelgadir Mohmed, Ahmed Abdo Mustafa, Musa Awad Nasr, Sanad Bushara Abdelnadief, Ahmed Bushra Wahba, Addelfadiel Elfadil Osman, Elnur Elnur Abdelgadir, Mohamed Elsir Abdalla, Suliman Gaafar Mohmed, Ali Hasabelrasoul Omer, Mohmed Izzeldin Adam, Ahmed Izzeldin Osman, Salim Mahmoud Said, Mohmed Mohmed Abdelfatah, Ahmed Mohmed Elbashir, Attaelmanan Mohsin, Hassan Nagmeldin, Gaksa Nasreldin Abas, and Mohmed Sharafeldin Ahmed


* Wanni Samson Sabit

Alternate member:
* Dein Farouk Ahmed
* Mostafa Mohamed Abdelwahab
* Ramadan Mohamed Elmansour


* [ Official Olympic Reports]

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