Toyotomi Hideyoshi

or _ja. 姓, clan name) Toyotomi by the emperor. His name is correctly Toyotomi no Hideyoshi. Using the writing system of his time, his name is written as 豐臣 秀吉.

The Toyotomi "uji" was simultaneously granted to a number of Hideyoshi's chosen allies, who adopted the new "uji" " _ja. 豊臣朝臣" (Toyotomi no asomi, courtier of Toyotomi).

The Catholic sources of the time referred to him as "emperor Taicosama" (from "taiko", a retired kampaku or regent, and the honorific "sama").


See People of the Sengoku period in popular culture.

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*Toyokuni Shrine - A Shinto shrine to commemorate Hideyoshi.



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**Anthony J. Bryant is the author of "Sekigahara 1600: The Final Struggle for Power", Praeger Publishers, September 2005

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