The island of Mochlos with town in the foreground.
The island of Mochlos
with town in the foreground.
Coordinates: 35°11′25″N 25°54′33″E / 35.19028°N 25.90917°E / 35.19028; 25.90917
Island chain: Cretan Islands

Greece Greece
Periphery: Crete
Prefecture: Lasithi
Capital: Mochlos, Crete
Population: 0 (as of 2001)

Mochlos (Greek: Μόχλος) is a modern island in the Gulf of Mirabello in eastern Crete, and the archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement. There is evidence that Mochlos was not an island in Minoan times, but was attached to the mainland and acted as an eastern harbor.

The name Mochlos also applies to the small fishing village and resort located on the main island of Crete, opposite Mochlos island.[1] Only 150 metres separates them. The island is administered from Tourloti which is only 9 km away.



Mochlos was first excavated by Richard Seager in 1908 at the western end of the island, where a prepalatial cemetery was found. At that time, tombs, pithos burials and pit graves were uncovered, as well as two large tombs at the western tip of the island. In the 1970s, Jeffrey Soles documented the tombs and cemetery uncovered by Seager. The cemetery was in use from Early Minoan II to Middle Minoan IA.

The main Minoan settlement is at the south end of the island. The earliest buildings are from Early Minoan IB and the ruins visible today on Mochlos date from Late Minoan IB. Northwest of the modern town of Mochlos, a three-storey building was found from the Late Minoan I period. The building included two pillar crypts, a staircase and a kitchen. This building is the largest of the Late Minoan I town.

Two buildings were also uncovered behind the modern town of Mochlos. Both are artisans' quarters. One was used for crafting bronze, ivory and stone. The other was for making pottery. Both buildings contained a shrine. Excavations continued 1989-1994 under the direction of Jeffrey Soles from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Costis Davaras from the University of Athens. Some excavations continue, but the core work on the project is study and publication of data.

List of Minoan sites on Mochlos

  • EMII-MMIA cemetery, western Mochlos
  • EMIB-LMIB settlement, southern Mochlos
  • LMIB artisans' quarters, near Mochlos
  • LMIB building, eastern Mochlos, at Chalinmouri
  • LMIII settlement
  • LMIII cemetery

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Coordinates: 35°11.25′N 25°54.33′E / 35.1875°N 25.9055°E / 35.1875; 25.9055

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