Super Commando Dhruva

Super Commando Dhruva
Super Commando Dhruva.jpg
Super Commando Dhruva (Promotional art from the Spider Series) Art by Abhishek Malsuni
Publication information
Publisher Raj Comics
First appearance Pratishodh Ki Jwala
Created by Anupam Sinha
In-story information
Alter ego Dhruva
Team affiliations

  • Commando Force,
  • Yetis.
  • Swarna-nagri.
  • Jwala Lok.
  • P.O.E.M.
Notable aliases Dove

  • Master Strategist.
  • Ability to talk to birds and animals.
  • Super Agility.
  • Martial Arts Master.

Super Commando Dhruva (सुपर कमाण्डो ध्रुव in Devanagari script) is a fictional superhero in comic books published by Raj Comics. The character first appeared in "Pratishodh Ki Jwala" and was created by writer and artist Anupam Sinha. Despite not having any superhuman or supernatural powers (except for the ability to breathe underwater), Dhruva's ability to talk to animals and birds, speed and agility, knowledge of martial arts, a very sharp brain and willpower[1] make him a formidable opponent to powerful supervillains, including Grand Master Robo, Chandakaal, Mahamanav, Dhwaniraaj, Chumba, Bauna Vaman, etc.

Soon after his debut, Super commando Dhruva became an instant hit among Hindi comics readers. Conventional super-heroes with dark back-grounds, powers and aliases usually combat adversaries using superpowers. Dhruva doesn't use aliases to hide his identity. Dhruva is reported to have a large fan base due to his unconventional methods of defending himself. He notably uses objects lying around him to his advantage apart from an extensive application of physics and science. While Dhruva doesn't use many modern technology gadgets, he uses Star-shaped Blades, Roller Skates, Nerve gas and acid capsules.



Dhruva is the son of trapeze artists Shyam (Father, deceased) and Radha (Mother, deceased) of Jupiter Circus. He was brought up by circus artists amid caged animals. Under the tutelage of many circus artists he evolved as a master marksman, an agile gymnast and master of many martial art forms. He also learnt how to communicate with animals and birds.[2]

Plot summary

The series started with the comic Pratishodh ki Jwala (fire of revenge), in which Dhruva's parents were killed by members of Globe (competing) circus. Dhruva vowed to avenge his deceased parents.

Having picked up several skills and talents while growing up among circus artists, Dhruva takes up crime fighting.


'Dhruva' means Pole Star in Hindi, which indicates one who remains in his position no matter what happens. The character has a muscular body, but does not have extraordinary superpowers like other comic heroes. He does, however, understand the language of animals and birds, a result of his upbringing in a circus, and they help him from time to time by reporting crimes happening in Rajnagar, the fictional city where he lives with his foster parents.

Powers and abilities

His only seemingly supernatural power is the ability to understand and talk to animals and birds (even sea creatures). Other than this, he is an excellent hand to hand combatant, with experience in all major martial arts. He is a good marksman too (although he has staunchly avoided fire arms in the entire series). He is also a good detective and strategist who is able to observe minute clues to locate and counter the opposition. Apart from this he also has the ability to breathe under water, thanks to a magical gift from his god-like ally Dhananjay.

One great strength of Dhruva, as shown in each of his stories, is his ability to utilize objects around him as weapons to disarm or capture his enemies (he has vowed not to kill). He displays practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items. In multi-hero stories, it is mostly Dhruva who plans a way to defeat powerful villains by strategically using the powers of other heroes.

Every night Dhruva patrols Rajnagar on his special motorbike.

Dhruva is also the founder and head of "Commando Force" a three member team (comprising Peter Massy, Renu & Karim Shah) which helps him fight crime in Rajnagar.

In the "Dhruv-Shakti" series, Dhruva's sister Shweta (a budding scientist) gives him some assortments such as a 'Star Transmitter' (to contact his commando headquarters), Boots which become roller skates and 'Star Line' a metallic rope with which he can use to swing from wall to wall much like Batman. This rope is contained in the metallic bracelets given by Shweta along with metallic star-shaped blades called 'Star Blades'.

Family, Friends and Allies


He was adopted by I.G. Rajan Mehra, an honest police officer and Mrs. Rajni Mehra. Dhruva's foster parents also have a daughter Shweta. Shweta is also a crimefighter Chandika and one of Dhruva's allies. Later, in the 'Ateet series'(Khooni Khaandaan, Ateet and Jigsaw), it was revealed that Dhurva has a family in France comprising his Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt Marcell and a cousin brother Luka. Dhruva's Aunt and cousin Luka attacked his father Shyam, causing him to lose his memory. They also tried to kill Dhruva but failed. Luka had told Dhruva that his father was a murderer, accused of the murder of a police officer named Lubek in France. Dhruva went to France and met Lubek's daughter Vera. She helped him investigate and eventually clear up his father's name.

  • Chandika- Shweta is the only daughter of police officer I.G. Rajan. She is an electronics and computer expert, who has designed sophisticated gadgets for herself and Dhruva. She is one of the many allies Dhruva has. As Chandika, she wears a purple costume with a blonde wig. While Dhruva suspects that Shweta is Chandika, she has managed to keep her identity a secret. Chandika has no Special superpowers. being trained by Dhruva, she too is an expert in hand to hand combat. She uses self-created gadgets.
  • Commander Natasha (love interest / wife)- Commander Natasha, is the daughter of his arch enemy Grand Master Robo. Loosely resembling parts of the Batman series involving Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia al Ghul, while Dhruva and Natasha appear to love each other, they constantly battle each other due to her return to her father's empire. However, in the parallel Nagayan series, they are depicted as married with two children (Rishi and Jalaj), though estranged. Later, she takes on the role of a mentor to future crime fighters.
  • Black Cat- Also known as Richa who has cat-like agility and skills (akin to Catwoman). She loves Dhruva but hides her feelings as she is aware of his feelings towards Natasha. She is the biological mother of Rishi whom Natasha believed to be her own.
  • Dhruvisya- A one time character, supposedly the Dhruva of the future.
  • Rishi- Son of Dhruva and Richa who is brought up by Dhruva and Natasha without the latter's knowledge that he is not her own blood. Has secretly learnt a lot of tricks from his father and has rightly inherited the superior brain.
  • Jalaj- The rightful son of Dhruva and Natasha who was treacherously taken away from them by Natasha's father ROBO to be treated as his servant to show his anger towards his father. He however inherited all he fighting skills from his father and mother.


  • Commando Force(Peter Massy; Renu; Karim Shah)- Dhruva has his own syndicate called Commando Force which helps him to fight crime.
  • Nagraj- He has had many adventures with Nagraj. These pairings lead to events similar to the Batman - Superman pairings in the DC Universe.
  • Dhananjay- He resides in an underwater city populated by a race of superhumans possessing superpowers. Dhananjay is the leader of the race. He was first introduced in the comic "Grand Master Robo". He carries a golden lasso with him (much like Wonder Woman) that he can control with his mind. He has the ability of creating an inter-dimensional passage to anywhere he wants.
  • Jingalu- Jingalu is a Yeti. Dhruva first met him in the "Barf Ki Chita" comic. Jingalu is capable of flying and (as you would expect from a big-foot) has super human strength. He was an important ally in the Nagayan series.
  • Samri - First appeared in "Samri ki Jwala", carries a Trident with supernatural powers.
  • Vanputra - A Tarzan forest dweller. Has the ability to speak to trees and plants and can make trees act at his will.
  • Kirigi - First introduced in "Kirigi Ka Kaher", is a proverbial Yogi(mystic), albeit violent, who has psychic powers.
  • Lori - A Tantrik, first introduced in "Vampire", is a descendant of a Saint Euologian in Romania whose bones were used to vanquish Count Dracula.
  • Kishore Pandey - A research student of the dark African arts. Helped Dhruva in "Voodoo".
  • Barf Manav (Dr. Virghese)- First introduced in "Dr. Virus".


His arch rivals are:

  • Grand Master Robo- Grand Master Robo is the head of a terrorist syndicate operating worldwide. Despite a number of confrontations with Dhruva, Robo has always managed to escape. He was a gangster called Robert Sheen. After surviving a rival gangster L Salvano's assassination attempt, Sheen married doctor Marian Cole who nursed him. However, the first thing Sheen did after marriage was the brutal murder of Salvano. When Marian comes to know about Robo's criminal activity, she decides to leave him to begin living with her mother. There she gave birth to a baby girl called Natasha. To punish Marian, Sheen kidnaps Natasha and gets her trained in various combat skills and made her the commander of his army. When Natasha met Dhruva, she fell in love with him and abandoned the world of crime. Few years later, Dhruva succeeded in arresting Robo but could not get him convicted as there was no evidence or witness against him. When an attempt to assassinate a British diplomat results in Marian (who had taken a lift from the diplomat) getting injured, Robo decides to surrender. However, Natasha who had been harassed on numerous occasions by corrupt police officers on the pretext of her being a terrorist's daughter, decides to return to her father and does not let him surrender. Grand Master Robo has extraordinary physical abilities. On the left part of his face, he has a metallic eye, through which he shoots a potentially destructive laser beam.
  • Chandakaal- Chandakaal wants to rule the universe. He is the last Rakshas left on Earth. Chandakaal has a close resemblance to the artistic representations of the devil. He carries a magic wand which is the source of all his powers.
  • Mahamanav- Mahamanav represents the next race of humans. His origin is not very clear but it is known that he grew in the southern hemisphere and because of longer days and nights and natural phenomenon, his evolution was faster. He quickly evolved faster than homo sapiens and developed many superhuman abilities. His efforts are solely in the direction of recreating the conditions that would help all humans evolve to his level. He has extremely well developed psychic powers. His telepathic and mind control abilities are notably strong. Further, he can use his psychic powers for weather manipulation too. Since he has grown in the sub zero climate of Antarctica, he has not been able to adapt to heat. If exposed to too much heat, his body automatically goes into hibernation. Super Commando Dhruva was able to use this weakness to beat him once by throwing him into an active volcano. Since Mahamanav generates a force field before his hibernation and the force field remains active while he sleeps, he is unharmed in his sleep. He can also project objects of any shape of his will by his powers similar to Green Lantern.
  • Bauna Vaman- Bauna and Vaman are Hindi and Sanskrit terms respectively for a dwarf. He is a mechanical buff. a Vaaman specialises in creating remote-controlled mechanical bugs and gadgets.
  • Dhwaniraj- Dhwaniraj's original name is professor Kale. He used to research sound waves, but soon he realised that he can become rich by using the findings of his research for crime. In Hindi, Dhwani means sound and Raj means king. He uses sonic waves as his weapon. Dhwaniraj has a sonic cannon that he wears on his hands, which is his primary weapon. He first appeared in "Aawaz ki tabahi". Since sound waves cannot travel through vacuum, his powers are of no use in vacuum. This weakness was spotted and leveraged by Dhruva in one of the comics.
  • Doctor Virus - A degenerated virus expert, Dr. Virus uses his knowledge to develop various germs and viruses to cause destruction. Dr. Virus is capable of creating genetically engineered beings. Micro-biology and genetic science is his forte.
  • Nostradamus - A villain who uses zodiac signs as weapons. He was apprehended by Dhruva and sent to jail. Nostradamus escaped from jail but eventually helped Dhruva in a case, thus getting his jail term reduced.
  • Chumba- Chumba first appeared in "Chumba ka Chakravyuh". His main weapon is magnetic force. He uses an array of weapons based on natural magnetism and electromagnetism.
  • Suprema - A woman who is the boss of a powerful terrorist organization. A competitor to Grand Master Robo.
  • Super Nova - His weapon is light. He uses ultra-violet rays as laser beams affecting the eyes of his enemies.
  • Jigsaw - He was the mastermind behind framing Dhruva's father for a murder to get his wealth.
  • Quiz Master - The sharpest opposition Dhruva has ever faced. Originally Quiz Master Tito who turns bad after he is dumped from his show for his eccentricity. The character of Quiz Master is similar to that of the Riddler.
  • Alchemist - Made an appearance only once in "Gupt". Has never reappeared.
  • Schemer
  • Jubisko
  • Vidushak - Loosely inspired by The Joker, Vidushak plans crimes using a circus clown's apparatus.
  • Nakshatra - Born and brought up under similar circumstances as Dhruva, he used to work as a circus artist in 'Rohini circus'. Having been led astray by "Boss" (Dhruva's old enemy and the owner of Globe Circus). Later he falls in love with Dhruva's sister Shweta.

Other Villians

Dhruva has also battled other Raj comics villains. Their names are:

  • Miss Killer - Beautiful young evil scientist from Japan.
  • Thodanga - A strange African human beast, with characteristics that match that of a Rhinoceros, Elephant and Turtle.
  • Nagdant - A jealous, comparatively weaker copy of Nagraj.
  • Nagina - A female tantrik (black magician) and shape-shifting snake.
  • Vishandhar - A male tantrik and shape-shifting snake.
  • Zulu - An African exorcist/scientist.
  • Nagpasha - Nagraj's immortal venomous uncle.
  • Gurudev - Nagpasha's guru, who wishes to rule the world though Nagpasha.
  • Karanvashi - A magician who uses hypnotism to enslave people.
  • Khalnayak Nagraj - Evil part of Nagraj's brain which still exists in his unconscious mind.
  • Tutan Khamen - Ancient Egyptian Mummy.
  • Head
  • Green Mamba

Super Commando Dhruva Comics list in Sequence Order

Raj Comics has published a number of titles on Super Commando Dhruva.

Serial No. Year Comic Titles Comic Names in English Solo/2 in 1/Multistarrer/Series Status
1 Before 1992 Pratishodh Ki Jwala Blaze of revenge Solo Published
2 Roman Hatyara Roman killer Solo
3 Aadamkhoron Ka Swarg Heaven of Cannibals Solo
4 Swarg Ki Tabahi Destruction of Heaven Solo
5 Maut Ka Olympic Olympic of Death Solo
6 Samudra Ka Shaitan Goblin of Sea Solo
7 Barf Ki Chita Grave of Snow Solo
8 Ruhon Ka Shikanja Trap of Souls Solo
9 Lahoo Ke Pyaase Blood Thirsty Solo
10 Mahamanav Super-Human Solo
11 Woo Doo Woo Doo (Black Magic) Solo
12 Mujhe Maut Chahiye I Want Death Solo
13 Bahari Maut Deaf Death Solo
14 Udantashtari Ke Bandhak Hostages of Flying saucer Solo
15 Ek Din Ki Maut Death of one day Solo
16 Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruva Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
17 Grand Master Robo Grand Master Robo Solo
18 Vinaash Ke Vriksha Trees of slaughter Solo
19 Champion Killer Champion Killer Solo
20 Aakhiri Daanv Last Move Solo
21 Aawaj Ki Tabaahi Destruction of sound Solo
22 Khooni Khilone Bloody Toys Solo
23 1992 Nagraj aur Bugaaku Nagraj and Bugaaku 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
24 Kirigi Ka Kahar Blaze of Kirigi Solo
25 Chumba Ka Chakravyuh Trap Of Chumba Solo
26 1993 Video Villain Video Villain Solo
27 Pagal Kaatilo Ki Toli Gang of Psycho Killers Solo
28 Doctor Virus Doctor Virus Solo
29 Samri Ki Jwala Blaze of Samri Solo
30 Fighter Toads Fighter Toads Multistarrer(Nagraj,Dhruva, Fighter Toads)
31 Black Cat Black Cat Solo
32 Robo Ka Pratishodh Vengeance of Robo Solo
33 1994 Daldal Quick Sand Solo
34 Udti Maut Flying Death Solo
35 Atma Ke Chor Hijackers of Soul Solo
36 Vampire Vampire Solo
37 Suprema Suprema Solo
38 1995 Chandkaal Ki Wapsi Return of Chandkaal Solo
39 Maine Mara Dhruva Ko I Killed Dhruva Solo
40 Hatyara Kaun Who's the Assassin Solo
41 Circus Circus Solo
42 Hatyari Raashiyan Killer Zodiac signs Solo
43 Bheriya Ki Khoj Expedition of Wolf 2 in 1(Super Commando Dhruva, Bheriya)
44 1996 Maut Ke Chehre Faces of Death Solo
45 Commander Natasha Commander Natasha Solo
46 Rajnagar Ki Tabahi Judgment day of Rajnagar 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
47 Saja-E-Maut Death Sentence Solo
48 Andhi Maut Blind Death Solo
49 1997 Shadyantra Conspiracy Solo
50 Mahakaal Death Time Solo
51 Pralay Judgment Day 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
52 Vinaash Destruction 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
53 Khooni Khandaan Killer Family Solo
54 1998 Atit Past Solo
55 Jigsaw Jigsaw Solo
56 Tanashah Dictator 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
57 Dhruva-Shakti Dhruva-Power 2 in 1 (Super Commando Dhruva,Shakti)
58 Jung Battle Solo
59 1999 Dushman Enemy Solo
60 Nishachar Night Crawlers 3 in 1 (Nagraj,Super Commando Dhruva,Doga)
61 Kaliyug Present Era 3 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva,Shakti)
62 Quiz Master Quiz Master Solo
63 Mummy Ka Kahar Destruction of Mummy Solo
64 2000 Commando Force Commando Force Solo
65 Kohraam Chaos Multistarrer
66 Bauna Waaman Dwarf Waaman Solo
67 Kaaldhwani Voice of Death Solo
68 Shah aur Maat Check and Mate Solo
69 2001 Aaya Chumba Chumba comes Solo
70 Chumba Samrat Chumba king Solo
71 Jaljala Jolt Multistarrer
72 Aatank Terror 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
73 Dushman Nagraj Satan Nagraj 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
74 Dhruva Hatyara Hai Dhruva is Murderer Solo
75 Shahanshah King of Kings Solo
76 Sangraam War 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
77 2002 Sheetan Satan Solo
78 Dhruv Khatam Dhruv is no more Solo
79 Vidhwans Havoc Multistarrer
80 Parkaale Death from above Multistarrer
81 Ant End Solo
82 Dead force Death Force Chandika, Parmanu, Villain - Dhwaniraaj
83 Sanhaar Slaughter 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
84 Doosra Dhruva Second Dhruva Solo
85 2003 Digital Digital Solo
86 Dracula Ka Hamla Ambush of Dracula Dracula Series
87 Nagraj aur Drakula Nagraj and Dracula Dracula Series
88 Dracula Ka Ant End of Dracula Dracula Series
89 Kolahal Disturbance Dracula Series
90 Master Blaster Master Blaster Solo
91 2004 Robot Robot Solo
92 Super Commando Dhruva Super Commando Dhruva Solo
93 Samraat King 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
94 Soudangi Soudangi (Name) 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
95 Sarv Shaktimaan Invincible Multistarrer
96 Super Hero Super Hero Solo
97 Farishta Angel Solo
98 2005 Robin Hood Robin Hood Solo
99 Challenge Challenge Solo
100 Chakra Round Multistarrer
101 Madyusa Madyusa (Name) Multistarrer
102 Main Samay Hoon I am the Time Solo
103 Bhoochaal Earth Quake Solo
104 2006 Match Match Solo
105 Nagadheesh King of Snakes 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
106 Vartmaan Present 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
107 Flemina Flemina (Name) Multistarrer
108 Gupt Hidden Solo
109 2007 Sarvanaash Ruination 2 in 1(Super Commando Dhruva, Doga)
110 Varan Kand Taking Section Nagayan Series
111 Grahan Kand Eclipse Section Nagayan Series
112 Spider Spider Makadjaal Series
113 Website Website Makadjaal Series
114 Haran Kand Kidnapping Section Nagayan Series
115 Sharan Kand Asylum Section Nagayan Series
116 2008 World Wide Web(W.W.W) World Wide Web(W.W.W) Makadjaal Series
117 Dahen Kand Pyre Section Nagayan Series
118 Fast Forward Fast Forward Solo
119 Rann Kand Battle Field Section Nagayan Series
120 Samar Kand Slaughter Section Nagayan Series
121 2009 Itee Kand Ending Section Nagayan Series
122 Dhruvisya Dhruvisya (name) Solo
123 Aakhri Dhruva Last Dhruva Solo
124 Gaheri Chaal Dark Conspiracy Multistarrer(Fighter Toads,Nagraj, Dhruva)
125 2010 Superman Superman Solo
126 Level Zero Level Zero Multistarrer(Fighter Toads,Nagraj, Dhruva)
127 Statue Statue Solo
128 Game Over Game Over Solo
129 Genius Genius Solo
130 Avshesh Residue 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
131 Chunauti Challenge 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
132 Hedron Hedron 2 in 1(Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva)
133 Hum Hongey Kamyaab We Shall Overcome Multistarrer(SCD,Parmanu,Tiranga,Vakra)
134 2011 Dead or Alive Dead or Alive Solo
135 Alter Ego Alter Ego Solo
136 Axe Axe Solo Coming Soon

Nagayana Series

Raj comics is publishing a landmark new series in Nagraj comics named Nagayana.It was first proposed to be a four part super series of Nagraj comics but later more parts were added to it. Raj comics has also decided to publish it world wide.Its a story based on a hypothetical future of world casting Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva after 25 years.Largely based on Hindu epic Ramayana the story narrowly follows the same storyline as of the epic with Raj Comic characters filling in the places of original characters. Earlier a Four part series,this series has been re-cast in order to fit in various sub-plots;finally the series has been declared to be an eight part series. The last part is Iti Kaand which is an 128 page issue released on 10th march 2009. This part ends with Dhruva and Nagraj sacrificing their lives to defeat Krurpasha. Nagayan ends with the next generation of Dhruva and Nagraj taking over the responsibility to fight evil forces.

Nagayana Comic Issues
Issue No. Comic Title Publication Status
1 Varan Kaand Published
2 Grahan Kaand Published
3 Haran Kaand Published
4 Sharan Kaand Published
5 Dahan Kaand Published
6 Rann Kaand Published
7 Samar Kaand Published
8 Iti Kaand Published

Swarn Nagri Series

It is a two part series which deals with something going wrong and dangerous in Swarn Nagri, the home of Deva-Jaati, an allied force of Super Commando Dhruva, and the makers of Fighter Toads. It includes three superheroes, namely Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, and Fighter Toads. Its starting comic is Gehri Chaal(Deep Play), and 2nd comic will be Level Zero.

The story moves around the escape of Green Mamba from the prison of swarn nagri, and his apparent control over the city, while everyone in the city is unconscious, and now he is planning something dangerous.


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