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Weebl's Stuff is a website showcasing Flash animations created by Jonti "Weebl" Picking and others, including the popular Weebl and Bob series.


* Weebl, aka Jonti Picking. Weebl runs the [http://www.weebls-stuff.com Weebl's Stuff] website.
* Skoo, aka Chris Vick, is a co-writer for the Weebl and Bob animations..
* Ash is the site's main designer and technician.
* Cheechy, is another of the site's technicians.
* Moog, aka Lee Roberts. Administrator of the site's forums.
* Splush, creates several games for the site.
* Peabo, aka Peter Murray Hill. As well as doing art and animation for the On the Moon series, as well as some of Weebl's music loops and commissions, he also creates music for the site's cartoons and occassianally helps with writing.
* Darling is Picking's wife and voices/writes for some of the cartoons.
* Wonchop, aka Ben Smallman. is an additional animator, who has worked on animations such as E4.com's 'Guide to' series.
* ZekeySpaceyLizard, aka Nathan Malone, who joined September 2008.

Animations & Games

Known as "toons" on the site, most animations are short and continuously looped, and are set to (or even based around) music. Most of the animations are either surreal and disjointed, tell a short story of some kind, or parody popular culture in a surreal manner. Most are one-off animations, but some have developed into continuous series with many instalments:
* Weebl and Bob is the popular flagship series of the site, having recently passed its 100th instalment. The series follows the adventures of two egg-shaped characters and their love of pie.
* Badger Badger Badger (also called "Badgers") is a simple looping animation that has become an internet meme. The site releases alternative versions of the toon from time to time, mostly on special occasions.
* On The Moon is a long-running series with thirteen episodes in its first "series", with a second series that has recently started. It follows the interactions between the "Toast King" (a slice of toast who is the self proclaimed ruler of the moon) and his neighbour "Insanity Prawn Boy".
* Prawn To Be Wild is a 12-part series of games based around the character "Insanity Prawn Boy", which is the prequel to the "On The Moon" series of toons. It is a highly interactive series of games, in which you do the most unthinkable things to complete it, whilst collecting various items.
* Magical Trevor is a series about a magician performing for various groups of animals. This series is notable for its use of music, with each episode accompanied by a different, plot-centric song.
* Cat Face is a series about a flying and speaking cat with a disproportionately big head.
* Lardman is an ironic series that builds up the episodes during their introductions, only for them to end anticlimactically, and stars a walking lump of lard.
* Mr Stabby follows the title character living an everyday life, apart from resorting to violence when faced with everyday situations.
* The Lord follows a rich lord dabbling in drugs.
* Parsley boobs is a continuous story about news reporters who travel through time on a mission to reinvent the fork. The series is unusual in being one of very few animations on the site that faithfully follow on from each other in a continuous canon.
* Honourable ninja farm is a relatively new series featuring a group of ninjas working on a farm, that was originally (and unsuccessfully) pitched as a series of shorts for television.

Commissioned works

From time to time, the site is commissioned by a business to create animations or (more regularly) interactive games to promote their products or services. Past examples include a side-scrolling shooter created for the RAF, a version of snake for Lynx, a stacking game for www.bconstructive.co.uk, and a viral animation for the relaunch of Pogs. More recently, ads for Cadbury's Creme Eggs featuring Weebl and Bob, 3 animations for E4 on the 'Where's the fun?' section of their website and an animation/game campaign for Fanta were also done.

External links

* [http://www.weebls-stuff.com Weebl's Stuff]
* [http://psp.weebls-stuff.com/ Weebl's Stuff PSP videos, wallpapers and music]
* [http://www.piechoons.com/ Piechoons – Official Weebl's Stuff MP3 Store]

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