Chancery Court

The Chancery Court of York is an ecclesiastical court for the Province of York of the Church of England.

The presiding officer, the Official Principal and Auditor, has been the same person as the Dean of the Arches since the nineteenth century . The Court comprises the Auditor, two clergy and two laymen, as for the Court of the Arches in the Province of Canterbury. The Registrar is distinct however, and is at present Lionel Lennox (1987-).

Original jurisdiction was formerly exercised by a separate provincial court, known as the Court of Audience. It was presided over by the auditor. This court was merged in the Chancery Court of York in the eighteenth century.

The Provincial Registrar of York is appointed by the archbishop, after consultation with the Standing Committee of the General Synod . There may be a deputy provincial registrar . The provincial registrar acts as legal advisor to the archbishop, registrar of the provincial court, and joint registrar of the General Synod.

Auditors of the Chancery Court of York

  • Charles George QC 2009-
  • Miss Sheila Cameron, CBE QC 2000-2009
  • Hon Sir John Owen, QC 1980-2000
  • Rev'd Kenneth Elphinstone, QC 1977-1980
  • Sir Harold Kent, GCB QC 1972-1976
  • Walter Wigglesworth, QC 1971-1972
  • Rt Hon Sir Henry Willink, Bt QC 1955-1971
  • Sir Philip Wilbraham-Baker, KBE 1934-1955
  • Sir Lewis Dibdin, QC 1903-1934
  • Sir Arthur Charles 1898-1903
  • Rt Hon Lord Penzance 1875-1899

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