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The Face is a novel by Dean Koontz published in 2003 by Bantam Books.

Plot summary

The main plot of the story follows Ethan Truman, an ex-cop who now works as the head of security for the most famous actor in Hollywood, Channing Manheim, a.k.a "The Face." Ethan is trying to track down the sender of several gruesome "messages" that were received in black boxes. Ethan now has six black boxes to figure out what the contents of the boxes mean. After chasing down leads and tracking the "ghost" of his dead friend Duncan "Dunny" Whistler (technically, Dunny is not a ghost, as he came back to life in the morgue), Ethan finally uncovers the plot and races to stop the kidnapping of Manheim's son, Aelfric.


Major characters

*Ethan Truman - A 37 year old ex-cop/detective who now works as the head of security at Channing Manheim's Bel-air estate. He left law enforcement because it held no meaning for him after the death of his wife Hannah.

*Aelfric "Fric" Manheim - Son of Channing Manheim. He is very small and quiet and is described as "an invisible little mouse" by his often absent mother. Prides himself in knowing small things that no one else knows.

*Leslie "Hazard" Yancy - A cop in the homicide division who assists Truman on his search. Yancy is a large, bull-like man who is not afraid to put himself in the line of fire. He is the most shot at man that Ethan Truman has ever known.

*Vladimir "Corky" Laputa - An English professor who also happens to be an anarchist that practices his craft daily. Corky spreads chaos wherever he goes and plans to kidnap Aelfric. He has already kidnapped a colleague and starved him, feeding him only as much minerals and vitamins as needed to stay alive. He kills four other characters who might have linked him to the kidnapping of Aelfric.

*Duncan "Dunny" Eugene Whistler - Ethan's friend from his childhood that died while in a coma. His coma was caused by being held underwater too long by some former associates. His body disappears from the morgue and seems to be walking around. Dunny acts as Ethan's guardian throughout the story. He is invested with certain powers by a demon called Typhon.

*Mrs. McBee - The housekeeper at the Manheim estate. She is very observant and seems omnipresent in Fric's mind.

*Rolf Reynerd - A bit actor and petty crook who delivers the "black boxes" to the Manheim estate. Rolf met Corky through some classes he took that Corky taught. He was killed by hitman Hector X sent by Dunny.

Minor characters

*Channing "The Face" Manheim - Considered the world's most famous actor and the top actor in Hollywood. He is Fric's father, whom Fric calls "Ghost Dad."

*Freddie Nielander - Fric's mom who is divorced from Channing. Fric refers to her as "Nominal Mom". She was supposedly sent to mental hospital for some time.

*Typhon - The "spirit" that helps Dunny Whistler. He is revealed to be a demon at the end of the book.

*Hannah - Ethan's deceased wife and the woman that both Ethan and Dunny love. She helps Ethan figure out what the black boxes mean.

*Chef Hachette - The main chef at the Manheim Estate. Fric believes he is a demon/monster/cannibal just waiting for his chance to strike.

*Ming du Lac - Manheim's spiritual advisor. She is a little bit nutty since she keeps a phone line separate for the dead.

*Calvin Roosevelt - Known as Hector-X. He was hired by Dunny Whistler to kill Rolf Reynard. Killed by Hazard Yancy.

*Maxwell Dalton - A professor of English at the same University as Corky Laputa. He was kidnapped by Rolf Reynard and starved by Corky, but survives and his saved by Hazard.

*Jack Trotter - Survivalist fooled by Corky Laputa into transporting him via blimp into the Manheim Estate (Palazzo Rospo).

*Brittany Dowd - Fric Manheim's tutor, Corky's girlfriend. She is used by Corky to help infiltrate the Manheim Estate. She is later killed by Corky.

*Ned Hokenberry - Former security officer at Palazzo Rospo. After providing Corky Laputa with key information on the security measures in use, he is killed by Corky.

*Mick Sachatone - Anarchist multi-millionaire. He helped Corky Laputa fool Jack Trotter, and provided computer hacking expertise to defeat Palazzo Rospo security, after which Corky shot him in the head, killing him.

*Dr. Kevin O'Brien - Physcian on duty at the hospital who disclosed to Ethan that Dunny came out of his coma (brain waves only) shortly before his death.


A note from Dean Koontz at the end of the book states:

"In Chapter 32, Mr. Typhon counsels Dunny Whistler that he should take inspiration from Saint Duncan, for whom he was named. No Saint Duncan has ever been canonized. We can only speculate on Mr. Typhon's motives for this seemingly minor deception. -DK"

Perhaps no saint named Duncan has been canonized in the modern sense, but in fact there was a Saint Duncan (or Dunchadh) who died in 717. He was an abbott on the island of Iona. Fact|date=February 2007

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