Apartment 26

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Name = Apartment 26

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Origin = Leamington Spa, England
Genre = Nu metalcite web|last=Sharpe-Young|first=Garry|title=Rockdetector Biography|url=http://www.rockdetector.com/artist/uk/apartment+26|accessdate=2008-09-14]
Industrial rock
Years_active = 1999–2004
Label =
Associated_acts =
URL = [http://www.apartment26.com/ Official website]
Current_members = Biff Butler (Vocals)
Jon Greasley (Guitar)
Louis Cruden (Bass)
Kevin Temple (Drums)
Brad Booker (Drums)
Past_members =
Notable_instruments =

Apartment 26 were a nu metal band from Leamington Spa, England. They played Ozzfest in 1999 and split up in 2004.They worked with Tchad Blake, at Real World Studios, on their self-financed "Music For The Massive", having scrapped "Album 1.5" after 2 years of production. The result was a much tighter band, and looser "live" sound, captured by Blake by making the band perform live in the studio.After selling the finished record to Atlantic/Wea, the label shed half of its roster during a merge with Electra Records, including Apartment 26. The single "Give Me More" was a minor Modern Rock hit in 2004.

Their name comes from David Lynch's Eraserhead, in which the character lives in Apartment 26. Vocalist Biff Butler is the son of Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler.


*"Hallucinating" (1999) (Hollywood Records)
*"Music for the Massive" (2004) (Atlantic/Wea)


Apartment 26's songs have been included on the following soundtracks:
*"Heavy Metal 2000" (2000)
*"High Fidelity" (2000)
*"Tales from the Crypt: Monsters of Metal" (2000)
*"Mission Impossible II" (2000)

Group members

*Biff Butler: vocals
*Jon Greasley: guitar
*Louis Cruden: bass
*Andy Huckvale: keyboards/programming
*Kevin Temple: drums (formerly of Die Warzau, Sister Machine Gun)
*Brad Booker: drums (formerly of Stir)
*Jeremey Colson: drums

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