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motto = Γνωθι Σεαυτον (Know Thyself)
established = 1793 as Hamilton-Oneida Academy, 1812 as Hamilton College
type = Private coeducational
president= Joan Hinde Stewart
city = Clinton, New York
state = NY
country = USA
undergrad = 1,780
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staff= 183
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campus = rural
mascot = Continentals
colors = Buff and Blue
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Hamilton College is a private, independent and highly selective liberal arts college located in Clinton, New York. It has been coeducational since 1978, when it merged with Kirkland College.

In the two centuries that Hamilton College has been educating young men and, more recently, young women, thousands of graduates have gone on to make remarkable contributions across the entire spectrum of human endeavor, from science to politics, and from the arts to commerce. Hamilton counts Nobel laureates, a Secretary of State, the diplomat who brokered the Panama Canal Treaty, several members of Congress, Governors, authors, inventors, scientists, poets, teachers, and captains of industry as alumni, from the 1800s to the present day. Below is a list of Hamiltonians who have made notable achievements or remarkable contributions in their chosen fields.


* Daniel Willard Fiske [did not graduate] - Icelandic scholar
* Paul Greengard, class of 1948— Neuroscientist awarded Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2000
* William Howell Masters, class of 1938—Physician and research pioneer in the fields of hormone replacement therapy and sexology; co-author (with Virginia E. Johnson), Human Sexual Response (1966)
* B.F. Skinner, class of 1926—Behavioral Psychologist
*A. P. Saunders1869-1953, professor of chemistry, peony breeder, compiled genetic records, (with G. Ledyard Stebbins) of 15,000 new hybrids.

Arts & Entertainment

*Kevin Burns, class of 1977, Emmy Award-winning television producer and filmmaker
*Tori Campbell, class of 1986, morning news anchor, [ KTVU]
*Lisa Daniels, class of 1994, MSNBC anchor, Harvard Law Graduate
*Peter Falk, class of 1949 (attended but did not graduate), actor most famous for Columbo TV series
* [ Nat Faxon] , class of 1997, actor ("Grosse Pointe", "Joey", Beerfest)
*Tony Goldwyn, class of 1982, film actor (Ghost, Kuffs)
* [ Hilary Gordon] , class of 1999, child actor (The Great Outdoors, The Mosquito Coast)
* [ Joe Howard] , class of 1972, actor (Square One TV - Mathnet)
*Frederick King Keller, class of 1972, television and movie director
*Paul Lieberstein, class of 1989, actor NBC's The Office (Toby from HR)
*Jeffrey Sharp, class of 1989, Movie Producer, (Boys Don't Cry, You Can Count on Me)
*David Thornton, class of 1977, actor (Home Alone 3, Private Property)
* [ Thomas Tull] , class of 1992, founder, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures []
*Melinda Wagner, class of 1979, winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Music Composition


* J. Carter Bacot, class of 1955—former chairman and CEO, Bank of New York
* William McLaren Bristol, class of 1882—co-founder of Bristol-Myers Squibb
* John Jay Knox (1828-92) financier and Comptroller of the Treasury, (1867-84)
* John Ripley Myers, class of 1887—co-founder of Bristol-Myers Squibb
* Stephen Sadove, class of 1973; CEO of Saks Incorporated, the parent company of Saks Fifth Avenue; a Hamilton TrusteeFact|date=August 2007
* A. G. Lafley, class of 1969; CEO of Procter & Gamble; ; named one of [ America's Best Leaders by US News]


*The Rev. Dr. Franklin Clark Fry, class of 1921, President of the United Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church in America.

Government officials and political notables

* Michael N. Castle, class of 1961—Former Governor of Delaware, current Representative to the U. S. Congress for Delaware—Graduation Speaker 2004
* Joseph I. France, Republican U.S. Senator from Maryland, 1917-1923
* Abijah Gilbert, class of 1822—United States Senator from Florida
* Irving M. Ives, class of 1919—New York Senator
* Philip Jessup, class of 1917- Diplomat, International Law Scholar, Jurist and Ambassador
* Sol M. Linowitz, class of 1935—Attorney and Diplomat
* Robert Moses, class of 1956— Civil Rights Activist (The Algebra Project); named one of [ America's Best Leaders by US News]
* Bill Purcell, class of 1976, mayor of Nashville, TN
* Elihu Root, class of 1864—US Secretary of State and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912
* James S. Sherman, class of 1878—Vice-President of the United States
* John Curtiss Underwood, class of 1832— Lawyer, Abolitionist politician, and Federal Judge.
* Thomas Vilsack, class of 1972—Iowa Governor—Graduation Speaker 2001, — former 2008 Presidential candidate
* Theodore Dwight Weld—Abolitionist
* Edward S. Walker, Jr., class of 1962—Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Egypt, and the UAE, President of the MEI, and a professor at Hamilton.

Legal and Judiciary

* Bruce Cutler, class of 1970—defense attorney for John Gotti and Louis Eppolito, among others
* Drew S. Days, III, class of 1963—U.S. Solicitor General, 1993-1996; currently Alfred M. Rankin Professor of Law at Yale Law School
* William Henry Harrison Miller, class of 1861—U.S. Attorney General, 1889-1893


* Guy Hebert, class of 1989—Professional Hockey Player
* Ward Wettlaufer, class of 1959—Amateur golfer
* Kevin P. Smith, class of 1977—Professional Basketball Player, Washington Generals

Writing and journalism

* Samuel Hopkins Adams, class of 1891—Author
* Henry Allen, class of 1963—Pulitzer Prize-winning critic
* Albert Barnes, class of 1820—Theologian
* Frank Baldwin, class of 1985—author of Balling the Jack
* Josh Billings—pen name of Henry Wheeler Shaw, attended, but did not graduate.
* Terry Brooks, class of 1966—Fantasy Author
* Peter Cameron, class of 1982—author of "Leap Year", "The Weekend", "Andorra", and "The City of Your Final Destination"
* Alf Evers—Historian
* Amanda Filipacchi, class of 1988—author of "Nude Men", "Vapor", and "Love Creeps"
* Harry Kondoleon, class of 1977—author and playwright, Obie Award winner
* Thomas Meehan, class of 1951—wrote the books for the musicals "Annie" and "The Producers"
* John Nichols, class of 1962—author of "The Milagro Beanfield War" and "The Sterile Cuckoo"
* Bruce Porter, class of 1959— professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and author of "Blow" (the basis for 1999 film featuring Johnny Depp)
* Ezra Pound, class of 1905—Poet
* Evan Smith — Editor in Chief of Texas Monthly
* Alexander Woollcott, class of 1909—drama critic NY Times, NY Herald-Tribune, NY Sun and early contributor to "The New Yorker"


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Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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