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Friedman, Friedmann, and Freedman are common surnames.

They may refer to:

In music

* Avraham Fried, Jewish composer and musical entertainer, also known as Avraham Friedman
* Dean Friedman, singer-songwriter
* Debbie Friedman, musician
* Gary William Friedman, composer
* Harry Freedman, Canadian composer, musician and educator
* Ignaz Friedman, Polish-Austrian pianist, composer, also known as Ignacy Friedman
* Kinky Friedman, singer and candidate for the Texas gubernatorial election, 2006
* Marc Friedman, electric bassist/multi-instrumentalist and composer
* Marty Friedman (guitarist), guitarist
* Ross the Boss Friedman, guitarist
* Tim Freedman, the vocalist and pianist
* Matthew Friedman, musician, singer and performer
* Don Friedman, jazz pianist
* Stephan Friedman, Israeli experimental musician

In mathematics

* Alexander Friedman, mathematician and cosmologist
* Freedman-Diaconis rule, rule used to specify the number of bins to be used in a histogram
* Friedman number, integer which, in a given base, is the result of an expression using all its own digits
* Daniel P. Friedman, computer scientist and mathematician specializing in functional languages at Indiana University.
* Harvey Friedman, mathematical logician at The Ohio State University
* Michael Freedman, mathematician at Microsoft Research
* Sy Friedman, logician at the University of Vienna
* William F. Friedman, cryptologist

In sports

* Henryk Friedman, Polish chess master
* Benny Friedman, American football quarterback
* Dougie Freedman, Scottish professional association footballer
* Lee Freedman, prominent Australian racehorse trainer
* Lennie Friedman, American football player for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL
* Marty Friedman (basketball), pro basketball player and coach
* Prahlad Friedman, professional poker player

In economics

* Benjamin M. Friedman, leading American political economist
* Daniel Friedman, Economics professor at UCSC and director of LEEPS (Learning and Experimental Economics Projects) of Santa Cruz
* Emanuel Friedman, banker
* Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist
** Friedman rule, Milton Friedman's policy regarding cash-in-advance models of monetary systems
** Friedman's k-percent rule, Milton Friedman's policy regarding optimal money supply growth
** Friedman test, non-parametric statistical test developed by the U.S. economist Milton Friedman
* Rose Friedman, political author and the wife of Milton Friedman
* Stephen Friedman (PFIAB), chairman of the U.S. President Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
* Bernát Friedmann, Hungarian jurist and criminal lawyer
* Bernie Friedman, attorney in Hollywood, Florida
* Daniel Friedmann, Israeli Minister of Justice
* David D. Friedman, libertarian writer
* Martin Freedman, Manitoba lawyer
* Michel Friedman, German former lawyer
* Samuel Freedman, lawyer, judge, and Chief Justice of the Province of Manitoba
* Stephen J. Friedman, dean of Pace University School of Law
* Morris Friedman, private stenographer

In literature

* Bruce Jay Friedman, novelist, screenwriter and playwright
* Celia S. Friedman, science fiction novelist
* David Freedman, the first child, and only son of Sara and Israel Freedman
* David Friedman, writer
* Elizebeth Friedman, cryptanalyst and author
* Esther Pauline Friedman, advice columnist also known as Ann Landers
* Frieda Friedman, author
* David Gerrold, science fiction author, also known as Jerrold David Friedman
* Michael Jan Friedman, author
* Rita Friedman, creator of The Letter People
* Samuel G. Freedman, journalist
* Thomas L. Friedman, columnist

In television and film

* Budd Friedman, actor and producer
* Capturing the Friedmans, documentary film directed by Andrew Jarecki
* David F. Friedman, American filmmaker and producer
* Josh Friedman, American screenwriter
* Maria Friedman, musical theatre actress
* Sidney Freedman, psychiatrist in the television series M*A*S*H

In science

* Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker, exact solution of the Einstein field equations of general relativity
* Friedmann equations, equations relating various cosmological parameters
* Daniel P. Friedman, computer scientist
* Herbert Friedman, rocket science, solar physics, aeronomy, and astronomy
* Egon Friedell, Austrian philosopher, also known as Egon Friedmann
* Georges Friedmann (1902-1977), French sociologist
* Hermann Friedmann
* Irving Friedman, geochemist
* Jerome Isaac Friedman, Nobel Prize physicist
* Stanton T. Friedman, physicist and ufologist
* Meyer Friedman, medical scientist

In art

* Arnold Friedman (1874 – 1946), an American painter
* Drew Friedman, cartoonist
* Harold Freedman, artist public murals
* Ken Friedman, seminal figure in Fluxus
* Tom Friedman (artist), American sculptor

In photography

* Glen E. Friedman, photographer
* Robert Capa, 20th century war photographer, also known as Endré Ernő Friedmann

In religion

* Yisroel Friedman, Hasidic rebbe of Ruzhin
* David Noel Freedman, biblical scholar
* Meïr ben Jeremiah Friedmann, Hungarian-Austrian scholar, Jewish theologian
* Richard Elliott Friedman, scholar of biblical criticism
* Israel Friedmann, founder of the Ruzhiner dynasty
* Manis Friedman, biblical scholar, author, counselor and speaker

In history

* Renee Friedman, American Egyptologist
* Paul Freedman, historian

In education

* Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, school
* James O. Freedman, the fifteenth president of Dartmouth College
* Richard A. Friedman, Director of Psychopharmacology
* Samuel O. Freedman, clinical immunologist, professor
* Stephen J. Friedman, dean of Pace University School of Law

In business

* Eugene Freedman, entrepreneur and philanthropist
* George Friedman, the founder of Stratfor
* Joseph Friedman, inventor
* Nat Friedman, programmer
* Scott Friedman, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Seegrid Corporation

In social work

* Freedman's Aid Society, organization
* Freedman's Bureau, federal agency that was formed during the American Civil War

In other fields

* Yohanan Friedmann,an Israeli scholar of Islamic studies.
* Friedman Memorial Airport, public airport located in the town of Hailey in Blaine County, Idaho, USA
* Tuviah Friedman, director of the Institute for the Documentation of Nazi War Crimes in Haifa
* Thomas Friedman, journalist
* Jeffrey Friedman, political scientist

ee also

* Freedman, a former slave
* Fried
* Friedman (unit), a tongue-in-cheek neologism named after columnist Thomas L. Friedman
* Fridman

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