call_letters = KSHV
city =
station_slogan =
station_branding = My45
analog = 45 (UHF)
digital = 44 (UHF)
other_chs =
affiliations = MyNetworkTV
network =
founded =
airdate = April 15, 1994
location = Shreveport, Louisiana
callsign_meaning = SHreVeport
(also the airport code for Shreveport Regional Airport)
former_callsigns = KWLB (1994-1995)
former_channel_numbers =
owner = White Knight Broadcasting, Inc.
"(operated by Communications Corporation of America)"
licensee = White Knight Broadcasting of Shreveport License Corporation
sister_stations = KMSS-TV
former_affiliations = Primary
UPN (1995-2001)
The WB (2001-2006)
The WB(1997-2001)
UPN (2001-2003)
effective_radiated_power = 2950 kW (analog)
500 kW (digital)
HAAT = 507 m (analog)
505.1 m (digital)
class =
facility_id = 73706
coordinates = coord|32|39|58.8|N|93|56|0.3|W|type:landmark_scale:2000|name=KSHV
homepage = [http://www.kshv.com/ www.kshv.com]

KSHV 45 or "My45" is the My Network TV affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana. The station is seen via satellite through Dish Network and DirecTV. The station is co-managed in a duopoly with KMSS Fox 33 which is owned by Communication Corporation of America. They are a typical My Network TV affiliate station with a blend of My Network TV prime time shows, syndicated talk shows, reality shows, court shows, and off network sitcoms. Its transmitter is located near Mooringsport, Louisiana.


KSHV started as KWLB, an independent station, in May 1994. On August 28, 1995, KSHV became an affiliate of the United Paramount Network.

In July,1997, KSHV picked up The WB Television Network on a secondary basis. KSHV aired UPN as a primary affiliate from 7-9 pm local time, with WB shows airing from 9-11pm.

On January 15, 2001, KSHV became a primary WB station, switching the times at which WB and UPN shows aired. The station logo was also changed, with both the WB and UPN logos shown. Michigan J. Frog (the mascot for The WB) was added a year later. It was enventually dropped in 2005 when the network discontinued the frog.

In September 2003, UPN dropped KSHV in favor of KPXJ, which was brought that summer by KTBS and switched over from PAX TV (now ION Television), and it became a WB station exclusively.

KSHV was one of several affiliates of Edward St. Pe's WeatherVision airing weather updates daily. KMSS and sister station KSHV have since dropped airing weather updates.

KSHV is the only station in the market without a newscast.

KSHV signed a deal to affiliate with My Network TV on March 15, 2006 [http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6316234.html?display=breakingnews] .

When MyNetworkTV began on September 4,2006, KSHV dropped the final 2 weeks of The WB programming (KPXJ broadcasted the final 2 weeks late at night).

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* [http://www.kshv.com/ KSHV's Homepage]

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