List of former Latter-day Saints

This is a list of well-known Latter-day Saints who have been excommunicated, or no longer profess to be Latter-day Saints. Although The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not regularly disseminate information about the excommunication of former members, persons who are here identified as having been excommunicated from the Church have made such information public. In addition to former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there are a small number of adherents of related denominations (as labeled). This list may also include former controversial members of the LDS church.

See: List of Latter-day Saints for current members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Former members

* Sarah M. Pratt, alleged she refused plural marriage to Joseph Smith, Jr.,cite journal
last = Van Wagoner
first = Richard A.
title = Sarah Pratt: The Shaping of an Apostate
journal =
volume = 19
number = 2
pages = 79
year = 1986
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] first wife of Orson Pratt, outspoken critic of plural marriage, Mormon apostate, excommunicated 4 October 1874, quotes: "I am the wife of Orson Pratt … I was formerly a member of the Mormon church … I have not been a believer in the Mormon doctrines for thirty years, and am now considered an apostate, I believe," and " [I resolved to] rear my children so that they should never espouse the Mormon faith while concealing from my neighbors and the church authorities that I was thus rearing them."
* Orson Pratt, Jr., first son of original Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt, declined missionary service with Brigham Young because of unbelief, Mormon apostate, excommunicated 18 September 1863, quote: "I was made a High Councillor, although I was then an unbeliever, as now … In regard to my faith … I resolved I would not accept nothing that my conscience would not receive. … I have come to the conclusion that Joseph Smith was not especially sent by the Lord to establish this work, and I cannot help it, for I could not believe otherwise, even if I knew I was to suffer for it the next moment."
* Arthur Pratt, tenth child of Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt and Sarah Pratt, deputy U.S. marshall.,Mormon apostate, excommunicated 5 October 1874, quote on being asked why he is not Mormon: "I am the son of my father's first wife, and had a mother who taught me the evils of the system."
* Paul D. Boyer, biochemist, Nobel Laureate [ [ Freethought Today, March 2004 ] ]
* Frank J. Cannon, US Senator from Utah. [ [,FRANK.html Utah History Encyclopedia] ]
* Jessica Holmes, Canadian comedian. [ [ Interview with Vista Magazine] ]
* Rocky Hulse, director of [ Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center]
* Carolyn Tanner Irish, Bishop in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. [ [,1249,595045756,00.html Deseret Morning News] ]
* Walter Kirn, literary editor of "GQ" [ [ NPR: Writer Walter Kirn, on a 'Mission to America' ] ]
* Bert McCracken of The Used [ [ “I’m Out of My Head!” Article on Blender :: The Ultimate Guide to Music and More ] ]
* Richard Packham, attorney [ [ Meet Richard Packham ] ]
* Sue-Ann Post, Australian comedian who wrote "The Confessions of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon." [ [ ABC (Australia)] ]
* William Shunn, science fiction writer [ [ William Shunn : Biography ] ]
* Ann Eliza Young, ex-wife of Brigham Young. [ [ Portrait and Biographical Record of Northern Michigan] ]
* Neil LaBute, playwright
* Culbert Olson, twenty-ninth governor of California

Excommunicated members

* Janice Merrill Allred, author and a trustee of the Mormon Alliance [ [ Volume 2, 1996 ] ]
* Michael Barrett, CIA attorney [ [ Michael J. Barrett - Excommunicated for Publicly Confirming LDS Teaching | Mormonism Research Ministry ] ]
* Arthur Gary Bishop, serial-killer and child-molester. [ [ New York Times obituary] ]
* Ed Decker, author and filmmaker [ [ "The Modern Christian Countercult Movement" article at UMKC] ]
* Teresa Nielsen Hayden, science fiction writer, lapsed at time of excommunication. [ [ God and I ] ]
* Sonia Johnson, Feminist and a Peace and Freedom Party Presidential nominee. [ [ University of Utah] ]
* Simon Southerton, molecular biologist lapsed at time of excommunication. [ [ The Age] ]
* David Wright, professor [ [ David P. Wright speaks ] ]

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