List of Prime Ministers of Japan

List of Prime Ministers of Japan

This is a list of Prime Ministers of Japan, and its predecessor state the Empire of Japan, from when the first Prime Minister (in the modern sense), Hirobumi Itō, took office in 1885, until the present day. The office is currently held by Taro Aso.

Multiple terms in office, consecutive or otherwise, are listed and counted in the first column ("administration number") and the second column counts individuals. For example, Yasuo Fukuda, is listed as the 58th individual to hold the office of prime minister, whilst his first cabinet is the 91st since Hirobumi Itō.

To avoid confusion, all the names on this list follow the Western convention (given name first, family name second) for consistency.

__TOC__Color key
(for political party)
legend2|#EEEEEE|None|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#EED8D2|Kenseitō|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#FFEECC|Rikken Seiyūkai|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#DDEBAB|Rikken Minseitō|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|DarkKhaki|Military|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#FFFFDD|Rikken Dōshikai|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#F9D9F9|Taisei Yokusankai|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#6495ED|The Imperial Family|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#D7D9EA|Liberal|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#FFE3E3|Socialist|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#CCEEEE|Democratic|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#DDEEFF|Liberal Democratic|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#EAD6EA|Japan New|border=1px solid #AAAAAA
legend2|#D5FFD5|Renewal|border=1px solid #AAAAAA

Prime Ministers of the Empire of Japan

Meiji period

Shōwa period

Heisei period

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* [ Official Website of the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinets]

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