Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot can refer to:
*"Sky Pilot", a 1968 song by Eric Burdon and The Animals utilizes a "sky pilot" figure who is interpreted as a military chaplain.
*A nickname for a missionary::*"The Sky Pilot", a novel by Ralph Connor.
*A common name for the wildflowers "Polemonium viscosum" and "Polemonium eximium".
*A dismissive or critical nickname for a religious figure who counsels passive acceptance of unfair or difficult life circumstances. Specifically, one who is seen to be aiding existing social structures by using religion to suppress dissent.:*From the lingo of Labor movements -- A preacher who states that workers should not complain (see: Wobbly lingo). The concept possibly originated in Joe Hill's 1911 song "The Preacher and the Slave" in which he coined the term "pie in the sky" as preachers' replies to questions about hunger.
*"The Sky Pilot", a 1921 film directed by King Vidor
* Sky Pilot is a mozilla classic theme which is also available for Firefox.

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