Escape tunnel

An escape tunnel is a form of secret passage used as part of an escape from siege or captivity. In medieval times such tunnels are usually constructed by the builders of castles or palaces who wish to have an escape route if their domain is under attack. In the case of prisoners, escape tunnels are dug to be free of captivity.

In road and rail tunnels, narrower escape tunnels are provided to enable people to escape on foot in the event of a fire or other accident in the main tunnel. For example, between the two main bores of the Channel Tunnel is an access tunnel large enough to take a fire engine.

Medieval escape tunnels

Throughout the British Isles and much of northern Europe escape tunnels were often part of the intrinsic design of fortified houses and palaces. The tunnel would typically be one half to two kilometers long and daylight in a location not readily visible to attackers. Examples of these tunnels are at Muchalls Castle (Scotland) and the Bishops Palace at Exeter (England).

Real prison escapes

uccessful escapes

The following escapes were at least a partial success, with prisoners going through the tunnel and out the other side:
*The escape from Stalag Luft III led by Roger Bushell during World War II. The story was made into a film: "The Great Escape".
*Island Farm [] .
*Moises Teixeira da Silva, a convicted robber who escaped with around 100 others through a tunnel out of Carandiru prison in São Paulo, Brazil.
*Peter Butterworth, an English comic actor who briefly escaped from Dugaluft near Frankfurt.
*Twenty-three innmates of Political Security Organization in Yemen, including convicted mastermind of the USS Cole Bombing Jamal al-Badawi escaped their cell by digging an escape tunnel on February 3, 2006.
* Burail Jail Tunnel Escape - Where convictes Jagtar Singh Hawara, Jagtar Singh Tara, Paramjit Singh Beora escaped in 1998

Unsuccessful escapes

*Prisoners at Camp Bucca, a U.S.-ran prison in Iraq, completed their tunnelling but did not make their bid for freedom, with the tunnel being discovered in March 2005 [] .

Fictional escapes

* Agamemnon Busmalis from the television series "Oz"
* "The Count of Monte Cristo"
* "Hogan's Heroes"
* "The Shawshank Redemption"
* "Stalag 17"
* "Prison Break"

ee also

*Smuggling tunnel

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