Journey to Cubeville

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January 18, 1998
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"Journey to Cubeville" is the 12th Dilbert book by Scott Adams. It has 224 pages. The Sunday Strips are in color. It includes an introduction by Scott Adams. Its genre is humor and is sold at the retail price of £8.99 in the UK. The title parodies that of the novel "The Road to Wellville".


The book features the stories of:
*Dilbert, the main character and an engineer
*Dogbert, Dilbert's pet dog
*Asok, an intern
*Wally, a co-worker
*Alice, a co-worker
*The Pointy Haired Boss
*Catbert, the Evil Director of Human Resources
*Billy from "The Family Circus", who appears in the April 1, 1997 as part of the infamous "Comic strip switcheroo" April fools' joke

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