List of gamelan ensembles in the United States

__NOTOC__There are more than 100 gamelan groups in the United States. The earliest appearance of a gamelan in the U.S. is considered to be at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893; this set of instruments is still at the Chicago Field Museum. The first academic program to include the playing of gamelan was established by Mantle Hood at UCLA in 1958.

There are actively performing gamelan groups in roughly two thirds of the states, using instruments made in the Indonesian regions of Java, Bali, Sunda (West Java), Banyumas, and/or North America. Many schools, universities and other institutions in North America own sets of gamelan instruments, and there are increasing numbers of community-based ensembles as well.


= Auburn =

*"Auburn University Gamelan"
**Instruments: Cirebon set from 1930s
**Repertoire: American percussion, some Balinese percussion; some Balinese
**Auburn University ensemble



*" [ Arizona State University Gamelan] "
**Instruments: Javanese slendro/pelog, bronze
**Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese
**Arizona State University School of Music ensemble


*" [ Fine Stream Gamelan] "
**Instruments: Javanese, Sundanese Degung, Balinese Gong Kebyar--Iron/brass Banyumas Calung - Bamboo
**Repertoire: Traditional, some American compositions. Also regional styles including Banyumas, Semarang, and Angklung Banyuwangi
**A community based group.



*"Sekar Sequoia"
**Instruments: Javanese gamelan gadhon, bronze, pelog
**Repertoire: Traditional Solonese Gadhon


*"Sari Raras / Kyai Udan Mas" (Venerable Golden Rain)
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Joint UC Berkeley and community ensemble.

=Claremont =

*"Giri Kusuma" (Flower Mountain)
**Instruments: Balinese gamelan gong kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional--instrumental and dance music from the kebyar and pelegongan repertoire
**Pomona College ensemble open to students, faculty, and members of the Claremont community.

*" [ Harvey Mudd American Gamelan] "
**Instruments: American, tuned and adapted for new American music
**Harvey Mudd College


*"UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble"
**Instruments: Sundanese Gamelan Degung and Gamelan Salendro
**Repertoire: Traditional music of West Java
**Joint UC Davis and community ensemble.

=El Cerrito =

*"Sierra School Gamelan"
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional and student pieces student pieces
**Sierra Elementary School student ensemble

=La Mesa=

*" [ Center for World Music] "
**Instruments: Javanese gamelan and Balinese sets include: gender wayang, genggong, suling, gambang, gong kebyar, semar pegulingan.
**Repertoire: Traditional

= La Verne =

*"Gong Kyai Pramugari"
**Repertoire: Solonese klenengan
**Instruments: Laras Pelog (complete), Bronze (Pak Kuat), from private collection of Craig Rowe (Dir.).
** Ensemble members are often drawn from Cal Arts, UCLA, various other institutions and the Indonesian community. Ensemble was named by and dedicated to Bapak Djoko Waluyo.

Los Angeles

*"Gamelan Kembang Atangi" (Flower of Awakening)
**Instruments: Balinese Angklung, 5-tone
**Repertoire: Traditional Angklung pieces and Kreasi in the Angklung Kebyar style
**Loyola Marymount University ensemble includes students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

*"Gamelan Sekar Anyar" (New Blossom - Balinese) and "Kyai Mendhung" (Venerable Dark Cloud - Javanese)
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar and Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional music and dance and occasionally new music and dance.
**UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology ensemble

=Mission Hills =

*" [ Bali and Beyond] " / "Udan Arum" (sweetly scented rain)
**Instruments: Balinese gender wayang, semar pegulingan, gamelan beleganjur(pelog), and Javanese gamelan gadon
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary music, shadow theatre and dance and dance

=Oakland =

*"Gamelan Sekar Jaya" (Flowering Success)
**Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar, Angklung, Gender Wayang, Joged, and Jegog
**Repertoire: Traditional and new music and dance by both Balinese and American artists

*"Mills College Gamelan Ensemble" ("Si Darius" and "Si Madeleine")
**Instruments: Javanese-style American, aluminum, built by Lou Harrison and William Colvig
**Repertoire: Traditional and American new music

*" [ Gamelan-X] " (formerly [ "Onepeoplevoice"] )
**Instruments: Traditional Balinese baleganjur, a 29 piece set of unique chromatic reyongs, drum set, synths, computer processing, trumpet, saxophone, flute, voice, and other instruments from around the world
**Repertoire: Original gamelan fusion, traditional processional baleganjur, and kecak.

=Richmond =

*" [ Gamelan Gadung Kasturi] " (Scent of the Gadung Flower)
**Instruments: Balinese
**Repertoire: Traditional Balinese music and dance

=Riverside =

*" Gamelan Kyai Telaga Semu" (Venerable Lake of Illusions)
**Instruments: Javanese slendro and pelog (by Tentrem Sarwanto, Solo)
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
**UC Riverside ensemble

= San Anselmo =

*"Gamelan Marin" ("Adi Luhung")
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Community gamelan

=San Diego =

*"Gamelan at San Diego State College"
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional

=San Francisco =

*" [ ShadowLight Productions] "
**Instruments: Gender wayang
**Repertoire: Balinese wayang kulit and new shadow theatre

*" [ Gamelan Kori Mas] " (Golden Gate)
**Instruments: Balinese bamboo grantangs (also called tingklik) and suling,
**Repertoire: Traditional Balinese Rindik and Joged music.
**Previously named "Gamelan Bamboo Bali"

*" [ Gamelan Sekar Jaya] " - Bamboo Ensembles
**Instruments: Jegog (West Bali bamboo ensemble).
**Repertoire: Traditional Balinese
**These ensembles are part of Gamelan Sekar Jaya (see Oakland) and the instruments reside at the School of the Arts High School (San Francisco) where they are used in the World Music class.

=San Jose =

*" [ Pusaka Sunda] "
**Instruments: Sundanese degung and kecapi suling
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary

=Santa Barbara =

*"Gamelan Kyai Selamet"
**Instruments: Central Javanese Pelog, Slendro
**Repertoire: Central Javanese, Cirebon, West Java
**UC Santa Barbara ensemble

*" [ Gamelan Sinar Surya] "
**Instruments: Cirebonese - slendro iron and Cirebonese iron pelog/degung combination
**Repertoire: Cirebon and Sunda pelog/slendro, degung and gong renteng; Malaysian
**Formerly Gamelan Northwest of Seattle

*" [ Monkey C] "
**Instruments: Javanese pelog
**Repertoire: Strictly American and often alternativevaried rock covers mixed with traditional music
*Monkey C seems to have an endless repertoire of medleys and familiar covers. On their latest album they have added slide guitar (Jon Payne) with Latin percussion themes and many surprises for a keen ear.

=Santa Cruz =

*" [ Gamelan Swarasanti] "
**Instruments: Balinese angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional and new music for Balinese Angklung, especially new music by Balinese composers
**A joint ensemble of UC Santa Cruz and the community.

*" [ Gamelan Anak Swarasanti] " (Child of Swarasanti)
**Instruments: Balinese angklung and beleganjur
**Repertoire: Traditional and new music for Balinese Angklung and Beleganjur, including extended arrangements with electric accompaniment and treatments.
**A community-based gamelan.

*"West Javanese (Sundanese) gamelan at UCSC"
**Instruments: Instruments include Sundanese slendro gamelan "Galuh Pakuan", Sundanese gamelan degung "Nyi Arum Bandung"
**Repertoire: Traditional, Wayang golek.


*"Burat Wangi" (Fragrant Offering - Balinese) and "Kyai Dara Dasih" (Javanese)
**Instruments: Balinese Semar Pegulingan and Gamelan Gong Kebyar, and Central Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional music and dance as well as New Music by American and Indonesian composers for both ensembles.
**California Institute of the Arts ensembles


*"Gamelan Range of Light"
**Instruments: American, made of aluminum
**Repertoire: American/Central Javanese
**Played primarily by children and young adults for school productions and summer workshops.


=Boulder =

*"Eka Mudra"
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Naropa Institute gamelan ensemble

Colorado Springs

*"Tunjung Sari"
**Instruments: Balinese Angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional


*" [ Gamelan Tunas Mekar] " ("Tunas" means a stored bit of life force, such as a seed of a floral bud, and "Mekar" means to put forth. This name has given the group its sense of identity: a wayward seed, blown far from the parent plant and landing on unfamiliar soil that has nonetheless produced an amazing flower.)
**Instruments: Balinese Angklung and Semara dana
**Repertoire: Traditional and new Balinese
**A subgroup of the ensemble is Gender Wayang quartet "Catur Eka Santi".


=Middletown =

*"Kyai Mentul" (Venerable Bouncing)
**Instruments: Javanese (a Jogjanese set dating from early part of century)
**Repertoire: Traditional music and dance
**A previous Javanese slendro set, "Kyai Muntjar Basuki" (Venerable Sparkling Fountain) is used for wayang. Instruments were made around 1964 for the World's Fair. Its pelog instruments are in use at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.
** Wesleyan University gamelan ensemble



*Kyai Tlogo Beruang Perak (Venerable Lake of the Silver Bear)
**This American made gamelan was built by and directed by Professor Michael Zinn of University of Delaware. When Dr. Zinn retired, the gamelan went with him. There is currently no active gamelan at the university.

District of Columbia

*"Javanese Ensemble of the Indonesian Embassy"
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Community group

*" [ Mitra Kusuma] " (Flowering Friendship)
**Instruments: Balinese gamelan gong kebyar and gender wayang
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Community group


=Tallahassee =

*"Gamelan Hanuman Agung"
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional


= Atlanta =

*"Nyai Tentrem" (Miss Peaceful)
**Instruments: Javanese, slendro and Balinese gender wayang
**Repertoire: Traditional and modern
**Emory University ensemble


=Honolulu =

*"Kyai Gandrung" (Javanese) and "Segara Madu" (Balinese)
**Instruments: Javanese and Balinese Gong Kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional
**University of Hawai'i Gamelan Ensemble. The ensemble has also begun performing kecak



*" [ Friends of the Gamelan] " (FROG)
**Instruments: Sri Sedånå, Central Javanese bronze; Nyai Panjang Sari, Central Javanese iron
**Repertoire: Javanese and American
**Practices jointly with University of Chicago Central Javanese Performance Ensemble.

*" [ Gamelan at the Consulate General of Indonesia] "
**Instruments: Javanese bronze
**Repertoire: Traditional
**A new and large set of instruments.

= DeKalb =

*"Asian Music Ensemble"
**Instruments: Balinese angklung; Javanese, iron (Suhirjan)
**Repertoire: Traditional and new music
**Northern Illinois University ensemble


*"University of Illinois Gamelan"
**Instruments: Javanese bronze, Balinese gamelan kebyar, beleganjur, and angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional music and dance and new compositions
**University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ensemble


= Grinnell =

*"Kyai Biwara" (Venerable Messenger)
**Instruments: Javanese, iron
**Repertoire: Traditional Javanese music and dance
**Grinnell College student ensemble



*"Mawar Mekar" (Blossom of Inspiration)
**Instruments: Central Javanese, iron with brass, built by Mulyadi in Solo, Java, 1997
**Repertoire: Traditional and new
** Bates College ensemble (acquired in 2001)



*"The Robert Macht Gamelan Ensemble"
**Instruments: Central Javanese, bronze, Slendro and Pelog.
**Repertoire: Traditional & contemporary American
**The ensemble also performs with the Kimberly Mackin dance company.

*"UMBC ensembles"
**Repertoire: Balinese angklung; possibly some Javanese
**University of Maryland, Baltimore County ensembles


*" [ Gamelan Wrhatnala of Boyds] "
**Instruments: Gong Kebyar, Gender Wayang, Joged Bumbung, Gong Suling, Tektekan, Genggong and Godogan
**Repertoire: Balinese traditional and new music and dance compositions
**Gamelan Wrhatnala of Boyds is the sister of Gamelan Sanggar Wrhatnala Pusat Abiantuwung in Bali. Both are directed by I.G.A. Ngurah Supartha, who is also a prominent choreographer, composer and puppeteer.


*"Art & Cultural Center of Indonesia (ACCI)"
**Instruments: Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese
**Repertoire: Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese
**Since its operation in 1976, ACCI has three main departments: Indonesian Traditional Art of Music and Dance, Indonesian Authentic Shadow Puppet Theater, and Gallery of the Community Arts & Crafts.

=Ellicott City=

*"Seka Genta Semara"
**Instruments: Balinese 5 or 7 tone —- a unique tuning by Wayan Beratha, 1983
**Repertoire: Traditional semar pegulingan and angklung repertoire
**Genta Pinara Pitu has 11-key gangsa and a 14-kettle terompong. It permits 4-tone slendro, 5-tone slendro, 5-tone pelog, 6-tone pelog and 7-tone pelog.


=Amherst =

*"Ensemble at Amherst College"
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Amherst College ensemble

*"Sundanese Gamelan"
**Instruments: Sundanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Leveritt Craft Center

Boston / Medford

*" [ Boston Village Gamelan] " and "Tufts Gamelan Ensemble" / "Rinengga Sih Tentrem" (Well-Made by Tentrem's Feeling of Friendship; Enhanced by Serenity))
**Instruments: Javanese, Rinengga Sih Tentrem (Solo, by Tentrem Sarwanto)
**Repertoire: Traditional Solonese court traditions
**The Boston Village Gamelan is now in residence at Tufts University, and rehearses together with the Tufts ensemble. It performs also occasionally on a 19th century Solonese set owned by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, "Kyai Jati Mulya".


*" [ Gamelan Galak Tika] " (Intense Togetherness)
**Instruments: Balinese pelegongan, kebyar, gender wayang, Angklung Banyuwangi
**Repertoire: Traditional Balinese and American kreasi
**Massachusetts Institute of Technology ensemble

*" [ Gamelan Si Betty] " (Named to honor arts patron Betty Freeman)
**Instruments: Javanese style/American, extended range, aluminum (Lou Harrison, William Colvig)
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary in various styles; new works by group members and interested composers.
**Harvard University music department and community ensemble, directed by Jody Diamond.

= Northampton=

*"Kyai Muntjar Basuki" (Venerable Sparkling Fountain)
**Instruments: Javanese pelog (other half of set on loan from Wesleyan University)
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Smith College ensemble


*"Gita Sari" (Essence of Song)
**Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
**College of the Holy Cross ensemble


=Ann Arbor=

*" [ Kyai Telega Madu] " (Venerable Lake of Honey)
**Instruments: central Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**University of Michigan ensemble


St. Cloud: No longer active. The Schubert Club instruments are now housed in the Landmark Center, St. Paul

Minneapolis/St. Paul

*" [ Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensemble] "
**# "Kyai Medharing Madu" (Venerable Flowering Honey); made by Tentrem Sarwanto of Solo, owned by The Schubert Club.
**# An iron pelog set made by Pak Mulyadi of Solo, owned by The Schubert Club, used for school residencies.
**# "Kyai Kumbul", privately owned.
** Repertoire: Javanese traditional (Solonese), also contemporary.
** A program of the [ Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota (IPAAM)] . In addition to performances, the IPAAM offers community classes, workshops, school residencies, and a variety of services.


*"Winona Gamelan Ensemble at Winona State University"
**Instruments: Javanese. Bronze pelog / slendro made in Solo by Pak Raharjo, "Sumber Gongso"
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Winona State University ensemble in partnership with the Schubert Club of Saint Paul (loan of instruments made by John and Ferry Banks). A community/university ensemble.


=Kansas City=

*"Gamelan Genta Kasturi" (Ensemble of Blossoming Sound)
**Instruments: Balinese Semaradhana
**Repertoire: Traditional Balinese and new compositions
**Located at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. A course in the conservatory and an active community group.



*"Son of the Good Earth"
**Instruments: Javanese, iron (Suhirjan) and Balinese gender wayang
**Repertoire: Traditional Javanese and contemporary Western
**Located at Creighton University. A community ensemble.

New Hampshire


*"Gamelan Lipur Sih" (Comforting Your Loved Ones)
**Instruments: Javanese bronze gadhon with kenong (by Tentrem Sarwanto)
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
**Located at Dartmouth College


*" [ Gamelan Sleeping Fox] "
**Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional

*"Gamelan Diamond Bridge "
**Instruments: Javanese style, aluminum and stained particle board (by Daniel Schmidt)
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
**Location: used for residencies at various schools in the area, lasting from one week to four months

New Mexico


*" [ Gamelan Encantada] "
**Instruments: American - Javanese (Barbara Benary), iron Balinese selonding
**Repertoire: Traditional Javanese music and American new music
**Iron-keyed gamelan selonding instruments are from the village of Tenganan, Bali. Gamelan Encantada is rolled steel, slendro and pelog, with gongs, drums, and suling from Java.

=Santa Fe=

*" [ CSF Gamelan] "
**Instruments: Ni Giwang: Cirebonese slendro, bronze (iron gong agung)
**Repertoire: Central Java and Sunda
**College of Santa Fe student ensemble and community classes and lecture workshops.

New York


*"Hudson Valley Gamelan Ensemble" comprising "Gamelan Giri Mekar", "Gamelan Chandra Kanchana", and the "Bard Gender Consort"
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar, gender wayang
**Repertoire: Primarily traditional
**Gamelan Giri Mekar, a community ensemble originally of Woodstock, NY, is now in residence across the river at Bard College. Gamelan Chandra Kanchana is primarily composed of Bard students but also has some faculty and Giri Mekar members.


*"Gamelan Chandra Buana"
**Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Sarah Lawrence College student and community ensemble.


*"Cornell Gamelan Ensemble"
**Instruments: Javanese, Balinese
**Repertoire: Traditional, Cirebon and Sundanese, Traditional Angklung
**Cornell University ensemble

New York City

*"Gamelan Son of Lion"
**Instruments: American - Javanese, iron
**Repertoire: American and other new music
**Gamelan Son of Lion presents new music concerts in New York City and downstate New York counties. A subsidiary group, Rockland Angklung Society, plays Balinese and American pieces for gamelan angklung and is based in Rockland County, 30 min. NW of the city.

*" [ Dharmaswara] "
**Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar, Semara Dana
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Located at the Indonesian Consulate

*" [ Gamelan Kusuma Laras] "
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Gamelan Kusuma Laras was founded in 1983. The group consists of American and Indonesian players and rehearses on instruments owned by the New York Indonesian Consulate.

*"Gamelan Giri Kusuma" (Flower Mountain)
**Instruments: Balinese Angklung, bronze
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary.
**City University of New York/Borough of Manhattan Community College ensemble


*" [ Tamara and the Shadow Theatre of Java / Srikandi Gamelan Orchestra] "
**Instruments: Javanese, iron
**Repertoire: Javanese wayang kulit with traditional style theatre music


*"Gamelan Lila Muni" (Heavenly Sound)
**Instruments: Balinese angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary contemporary
**University of Rochester Eastman School of Music ensemble

=Stony Point=

*"Rockland Angklung Society"
**Instruments: American - Balinese angklung, iron & bamboo
**Repertoire: Traditional and American

North Carolina

=Chapel Hill=

*" [ Gamelan Nyai Saraswati] "
**Instruments: Javanese slendro and pelog (bronze)
**Repertoire: Traditional and not-so-traditional.
**Located at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A group specializing in Central Javanese repertoire whose members come from both the university and the community at large.


*"Gamelan Kyai Tatit Ratri"
**Instruments: Javanese slendro (iron); Sundanese degung (iron), Sundanese degung (bronze) and Balinese angklung (bronze).
**Repertoire: Traditional and some experimental.
**Western Carolina University ensemble


=Bowling Green=

*"Sekaha Gong Kusuma Sari" (Floral Essence Gamelan Club)
**Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Bowling Green State University ensemble


*"Kyai Barleyan" (Venerable Diamond)
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**The Oberlin College gamelan was a slendro set from Malang, East Java, purchased in 1970. In 1984 a pelog set was custom built to match by a Yokya maker.


*"Dwara Udyani" (Doorway to the Mountain)
**Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Denison University ensemble



*" [ Gamelan Degung Leuwi Asih] "
**Instruments: iron degung from Bandung
**Repertoire: Sundanese Classical Degung, and contemporary American
**This iron degung set was purchased by Southern Oregon University in 1999 from Bandung and is housed at SOU.


*" [ Gamelan Sari Pandhawa] "
**Instruments: Javanese slendro (Solo, Pak Tentrem)
**Repertoire: Traditional music of Central Java and American new music composed by its members.
**A non-profit educational organization providing classes, workshops, school demonstrations, and other opportunities for learning about Indonesian music and art.

*" [ Kyai Tunjung Mulya] " (Noble Lotus Blossom)
**Instruments: Central Javanese and Cirebon -- slendro/pelog extended range -- iron/brass/bronze by Suhirdjan in Yogya (1999).
**Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese
** University of Oregon
**This set of instruments is housed at the University of Oregon School of Music.

*"Pacific Rim Gamelan / Suranadi Sari Indra Putra"
**Instruments: Balinese kebyar (from Lombok)
**Also at the University of Oregon School of Music.


*"Portland Gamelan Ensemble" / "Kyai Guntur Sari" (gong name) / "Kagok Laras" (Venerable Showers of Beauty / A Different Song)
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional, some American
**At Lewis and Clark College
**Founded by Vincent McDermott in 1980


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

*University of Pittsburgh ensembles - " [ Iron City Gamelan] "
***" [ Kyai Tirta Rukmi] " (Venerable Rivers of Gold) - Javanese, iron, by Suhirdjan, 1995
***"Ligar Pasundan" (The Spreading Fragrance of Pasundan) - Sundanese degung
***The university formerly owned a set of Balinese angklung
***Members of the ensemble also perform "tembang Sunda"
**Repertoire: Traditional
** The Sundanese Gamelan Ensemble is run by the University of Pittsburgh music department during the regular school year, and directed by Andrew Weintraub. The university also owns a set of "calung" (bamboo tube xylophone). In summers the Balinese angklung gamelan is taught aboard a cruise ship as part of the Semester At Sea.


*" [ Gamelan Semara Santi] " (in honor of Semar, the god of love, and Santi, the Sanskrit word for peace, to commemorate the peace-loving Quaker traditions of Swarthmore College)
**Instruments: Gong kebyar with gender, by Pak Beratha, 1997
**Repertoire: Balinese kebyar and pelegongan
**Swarthmore College ensemble.


The Bucknell University Gamelan is a Javanese gamelan, which was donated anonymously. The ensemble was directed initially by S. Jackson Hill, until his retirement in 2007. The group is currently being led by Bethany J. Collier.The gamelan is played by the Bucknell University gamelan ensemble.

Rhode Island


*"Brown University Gamelan Ensemble"
**Instruments: Balinese angklung, Javanese slendro/pelog (Tentrem Sarwanto)
**Repertoire: Traditional



*University of Texas School of Music ensemble: " [ Kyahi Rosowibowo] " (The Majestic One)
**Slendro and pelog
**Built in Yogyakarta
**Established in 1998


*"Percussion Department Gamelan"
**Instruments: American-Javanese slendro, aluminum (Schmidt)
**Repertoire: American
**North Texas State University School of Music ensemble


*" [ Space City Gamelan] " / "Gamelan Swara Dewa"
**Instruments: Javanese, bronze
**Repertoire: Traditional central Javanese and contemporary compositions for gamelan.



*"Gamelan Singing Brook"
**Instruments: Javanese iron, brass and bronze (80 year old set supplemented with new instruments by Suhirdjan 2005)
**Repertoire: Javanese, Experimental, American
** [ The Cabot School] is a preK-12 public school. Students in all grades use the instruments in a residency setting and/or a semester-long class""'.


*"Plainfield Village Gamelan" / "Venerable Voice of Thoom"
**Instruments: American -Javanese, iron (Dennis Murphy)
**Repertoire: American & traditional
**This ensemble was the first American gamelan, which began at Goddard College in 1967 and became a community group in 1980. It is now located at Dennis Murphy's farm -- It also uses a second iron set built by Dennis Murphy, "Venerable Small Tiger".

*"Gamelan Sulukala"
**Instruments: Javanese iron, brass and bronze (Suhirjan)
**Repertoire: Javanese, Balinese, American, etc
**Goddard College ensemble
**There is a picture of the instruments on the page of gamelan maker Suhirdjan.



*"Charlottesville Gamelan"
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional
**This is a community - university joint ensemble associated with University of Virginia.


*" [ Sweet River of Understanding] "
**Instruments: Javanese, iron
**Repertoire: Traditional
**Played by students from Radford University, Virginia Tech, the Montgomery County Orff Ensemble, and community groups.


*"Angklung gamelan group"
**Instruments: Balinese angklung (by Pak Berata)
**Repertoire: Traditional
**A community group affiliated with Shenandoah University.


*"The College of William and Mary Gamelan"
**Instruments: full slendro,
**Repertoire:Central Javanese and American
**The College of William and Mary gamelan ensemble started in 1999. The present set of slendro instruments were purchased by the college in 2004.



*"Gamelan Degung Girijaya"
**Instruments: Sundanese gamelan degung
**Repertoire: Traditional degung
**Evergreen State College ensemble


*" [ Gamelan Pacifica] "
**Instruments: Javanese iron & bronze in pelog and slendro (Suhirjan & Tentrem); Cirebonese slendro bronze (Tentrem)
**Repertoire: Traditional, with a focus on Central Javanese style; also modern and contemporary compositions from the international gamelan repertoire
**Cornish College of the Arts ensemble in residence; Gamelan Pacifica is a community group.

*"Cornish Gamelan Ensemble"
**the Cornish Gamelan Ensemble is a student group at Cornish College of the Arts that plays on the same instruments as Gamelan Pacifica above.

*"Gamelan Larasati"
**Instruments: Javanese gamelan gadhon (Solonese, Tentrem Sarwanto)
**Repertoire: Traditional



*"University of Wisconsin-Madison Javanese Gamelan Ensemble / Kyai Telaga Rukmi" (Venerable Lake of Gold)
**Instruments: Javanese
**Repertoire: Traditional, some new, experimental music
**University of Wisconsin-Madison ensemble

West Virginia


*"Gamelan at West Virginia University"
**Instruments: Balinese and Javanese
**West Virginia University ensemble


*" [ Gamelan Wrhatnala Gunung Blue Ridge] "
**Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar
**Repertoire: Traditional, Puri Buluh Kenana Region, IGA Ngurah Supartha's compositions and SMKI/Kokar
**Shepherd College student and community ensemble



*" [ Chandra Wyoga] " ("Chandra" refers to the beauty of the full moon, and "Wyoga" has a double meaning indicating both "Wyoming Gamelan" and "meditation on the beauty of the full moon.")
**Instruments: Balinese Semar Pegulingan
**Repertoire: Traditional
**The University of Wyoming Gamelan, Chandra Wyoga, is a community gamelan with many UW students and community members.


This list is based on a directory designed and first compiled by Barbara Benary in 1983. An ongoing version of this directory, and those for several other countries as well, is maintained by Benary and housed at the [ American Gamelan Institute] under Gamelan Directories.

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*Gamelan outside Indonesia

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