Zonule of Zinn

Zonule of Zinn
Schematic diagram of the human eye en.svg
Schematic diagram of the human eye. (Zonular fibers labeled at upper left.)
The upper half of a sagittal section through the front of the eyeball. (Zonule of Zinn visible near center.)
Latin zonula ciliaris
Gray's subject #226 1018

The zonule of Zinn (Zinn's membrane, ciliary zonule) (after Johann Gottfried Zinn) is a ring of fibrous strands connecting the ciliary body with the crystalline lens of the eye.

The zonule of Zinn is split into two layers: a thin layer, which lines the hyaloid fossa, and a thicker layer, which is a collection of zonular fibers. Together, the fibers are known as the suspensory ligament of the lens.[1]


  1. ^ Vision - via the optic nerve (CN II)


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