BE, B.E., Be or be may refer to:
*The verb "to be" (see Indo-European copula)
*Bachelor of Engineering, undergraduate academic degree
*Buddhist Era of the Thai solar calendar
*Bahá'í Era, the date notation of the Bahá'í calendar
*"Be, and it is", phrase in the Qurán about God's creation
*"Bloco de Esquerda" (Portuguese "Left Bloc"), a Portuguese political party
*Bishop Eustace Prep, a high school in New Jersey
*Bishop England High School, a Catholic High School in Charleston, South Carolina
*%BE is the URL Encoded version of the three-quarters (¾) Symbol.
*Blood Elf, a race in the game World of Warcraft


*Be (Cyrillic), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet
*British English
*Belarusian language, ISO 639 alpha-2 language code "be"
*Black English, see African American Vernacular English
*Business English


*Beryllium, symbol "Be", chemical element
*Bejan number, used in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics
*Bladder exstrophy, a congenital urological condition
*Branchial Efferent nerve fibers
*Base excess, a blood chemistry measure in human physiology
*Be star, a B-type star with prominent forbidden emission lines of hydrogen in its spectrum


*Be Unlimited, a broadband Internet Service Provider in the United Kingdom
*Be Inc., the software company that developed the BeOS operating system
*Beriev Aircraft Company, a Russian aircraft manufacturer which uses the design office prefix "Be"
*flybe, a UK-based airline with IATA airline code "BE"
*BearingPoint, One of the world’s largest providers of management and technology consulting services to Global 2000 companies and government organizations in 60 countries. BE is the stock symbol.


*Belgium, ISO 3166 and obsolete NATO 2-letter country code "BE"
**.be, the country code top-level domain for Belgium
*Bermuda, World Meteorological Organization territory code "BE"
*Canton of Berne, Switzerland

ports and entertainment

*"BE" (Pain of Salvation album), an album by Swedish band Pain of Salvation
*Be (Common album), an album by Common
*"Be", a song by Jessica Simpson from her 2003 album "In This Skin"
*"Be", an off-Broadway play, also known as Be by Mayumana
*British Eventing, the British governing body for the equestrian sport of eventing
*Badminton Europe, the governing body of badminton in Europe
* Breast expansion
*Battleground Europe, a World-War 2 massively multi-player computer game.

ee also

*bee (a type of insect)

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